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Ford GT Legend Reborn!

With the arrival of the Ford Falcon XR in 1966, Ford Australia created a legend with the introduction of the GT nameplate to the Falcon range.

From the XR model through to XB, the GT line emerged as the high-performance model from the Falcon range and the “Aussie Muscle Car” was born. The Ford GT legend grew to be the aspirational car for both Ford fans and motorsport drivers competing in the Australian Touring Car Championship and the annual Bathurst 500 mile and 1000-kilometre races.

1. Ford Falcon XR GT

The Ford XR GT was produced during the years 1967-68 with a charcoal interior, uniquely designed seats exclusive to the XR, wood-grained steering wheel, dash and a matching gear knob with Stewart-Warner instrumentation. In addition to lowering and firming the suspension by 5cm, shock absorbers were also upgraded which added to the sporty specification.

The Ford Works Team led by veteran driver/engineer Harry Firth and a young Fred Gibson won the 1967 Gallaher 500 at the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst driving the XR Falcon GT. Firth and Gibson won the race by 11 seconds from their Sydney-based teammates Ian and Leo Geoghegan.

2. Ford Falcon XT GT

The XT Falcon GT was produced by Ford Australia from 1968 to 1969. The XT featured a revised grille and taillights and improved safety features including split-system brakes, larger tires, and electrically operated windscreen washers.

The XT Falcon had an increase in capacity of the Windsor V8 to 302 in3. The colour range was also increased, and sales doubled the number of the previous range. Bill Gates and Jim Bertram scored a victory in the 1969 Rothmans 12 Hour Classic race for production cars at Surfers Paradise International Raceway on 5 January 1969 driving a Falcon XT GT.

3. Ford Falcon XW GT

Replacing the XT was the XW Falcon GT, produced by Ford Australia from 1969 to 1970.  With the XW range, the Windsor V8 was now offered in a bigger 351 cubic-inch displacement. Along with the XW GT, Ford introduced the HO (high output) package, creating a two-tier range. A further development, the GT-HO Phase II was later released in August 1970.

4. Ford Falcon XY GT

The fourth in the Ford Falcon GT initial series and the Fastest Production Car in the World, Ford Australia released the XY GT in 1970 with the GTHO Phase III released in 1971.

The Falcon GTHO Phase III succeeded in an outright win at Bathurst in the 1971 Hardie-Ferodo 500 and also secured the 1973 Australian Touring Car Championship title. In both instances, the cars were driven by Allan Moffat.

5. Ford Falcon XA GT

Sold between March 1972 and September 1973, the XA series featured an entirely new body which was larger and roomier than that of its predecessors. The XA GT was released as a two-door hardtop, receiving unique front fenders with dummy air vents on the leading edges and a bonnet featuring NACA-style ducts.

Driving the XA Falcon GT Hardtop, Allan Moffat and Ian Geoghegan won the 1973 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 at Bathurst as well as John Goss and Kevin Bartlett winning the 1974 Hardie-Ferodo 1000.

Production of GTHO Phase IV commenced in mid-June 1972. Four vehicles were built when production was stopped due to a "Supercar scare". Three vehicles were built as race cars for the Bathurst 500 in October, and only one vehicle made it off the production line for sale to the public.

6. Ford Falcon EB GT

In a joint venture between Ford and Tickford Vehicle Engineering, the 25th Anniversary edition of the Falcon GT was released. This release was based on the Ford Falcon EB II series model and celebrated the anniversary of the XR GT, first introduced in 1967.

The release of the Ford Falcon EB II GT in 1992 was the first time a Falcon GT was produced since the XB series in 1973-1976.

7. Ford Falcon EL GT

Similar to the EB II GT, the EL GT was released in a collaboration with Ford and Tickford Vehicle Engineering for the 30th Anniversary of the XR GT first introduced in 1967. Released in 1997, the EL GT continued the role of its EB II predecessor with 272 units built.

8. Ford Falcon BF GT

The 2003 BA GT range included the entry-level vehicle, the GT and the upmarket version of the GT, the GT-P.

Ford Performance Vehicles specific body-kits were applied, using the lights from the XR-range, giving the vehicle a strong resemblance to the BA Falcon V8 Supercar, highlighting the connection to FPR.

9. Ford Falcon FG GT

Released from 2008-2014, the Ford FG GT series included the GT, GT-P, and GT-E. Limited editions released included the 2011 GT ‘Black’, the 212 GT ‘R-spec’ and with the end of Ford Falcon production, Ford sent the Falcon GT off with a bang with the limited edition 351 kilowatt GT-F.

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