The Guide that the Dealers Use - 2012 Greg McDonald Pocket Guide 19th Edition Soft-Cover

Set to ship from the printers in the first week of December, be one of the first to receive the guide that the dealers use!at276Undoubtedly the most comprehensive coin and banknote handbook used in Australian Numismatics – the 2012 McDonald’s Guide to Australian Coins & Banknotes 19th Edition is a vital text for every collector. Providing an accurate and informative overview on every coin and banknote issued in Australia from 1787 – 2012, the 2012 McDonald Pocket Book is a complete, full-colour guide providing distinguished and up-to-date valuations for all your collecting needs.

With over 450 pages detailing the magnitude of numismatics throughout Australia – head on over to to secure one of the easiest and most affordable ways to value your collection!