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The most important Saturday on the Australian Calendar

beardI can only assume that you know that tomorrow, Saturday the 7th of September, 2013, is a very important occasion for all Australians.

That’s right – it’s World Beard Day!

Held on the first Saturday of September each year, it is the one day of 365 that the gloriously bearded are accorded the respect and adoration they deserve.

Downies has a proud tradition of mocking the beardless encouraging beard growth, with our fearless leader Ken Downie a proud beard-bearer for many years. But it isn’t just Downies that carries the torch for beards (carefully, and away from flammable facial hair) in the numismatic community – no, important organisations from around the world promote both beardliness and coinliness.

The Society of Bearded Numismatists has been doing good work for many years, and most recently gathered at the Chicago ANA Conference. Theirs is important work and we salute them.

Beards and facial hair have featured on coins for thousands of years, with some notable examples surprisingly still available for sale as we speak – if you visit the special Beard Section on you’ll see an exciting array of bearded coinage from across the globe and through the ages.

Beards have long been misunderstood. Not everyone grasps just how much effort goes in to maintaining a beard, but thanks to the internet we can now access educational information on beard care and nourishment from around the world. Here is an instructional video explaining how to shave like a man:


This World Beard Day the bearded and non-bearded alike will gather to adore the bearded, and ask the curly questions – not just idle speculation like “How does superman shave?”, but the truly confronting philosophical conundrums that strike to the heart of man, such as “Why on Krypton does Superman shave?!”

And please, all you non-bearded folk? Give a beard-bearing-bloke a hug this World Beard Day.

Because beards are amazing and those who carry them deserve our respect.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote, Australia!

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