Torrent of Coronation Tributes

Queen-Portrait Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Nicky Philipps

The Royal Australian Mint’s announcement on Monday the 17th of June that it is releasing the second ever full-colour $2 commemorative into circulation is just the latest in a string of high-profile tributes for and commemorations of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th Coronation anniversary. One such commemoration from the UK’s Royal Mail that slipped under the radar somewhat is the commissioning of a unique portrait of the Queen for exclusive use on the Royal Mail’s stamps.

GB 2013 £5 Coronation PNC GB 2013 £5 Coronation PNC

Pictured above in the official GB 2013 £5 Coronation PNC, this portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Nicky Philipps is only available on select Royal Mint products. The Royal Mail has gifted the original painting to the Royal Collection, and the PNC pictured above is available from Downies here.