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ITS HERE! ~ Tuvalu 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof

Tasmanian Tiger

A unique, instantly recognisable nocturnal marsupial, the thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus; Greek for ‘dog-headed pouched one’) is one of Australia’s most remarkable native creatures – and one of the most famous.

Native to Tasmania, the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea, the modern thylacine emerged around 4 million years ago. Distinguished by a strong striped pattern across its back, hence the name, the Tasmanian Tiger was well known to the indigenous peoples of Australia. Hunted for food, and forced to compete with the dingo, the Tassie Tiger is believed to have been virtually extinct on continental Australia approximately 2,000 years ago. By the time of European Settlement, this distinctive dog-like creature was found almost exclusively in what was then known as Van Diemen’s Land.

The impact of humans was key to the devastation of the Tasmanian Tiger population, with disease, hunting and incursion into natural habitat all having an impact, and, as early as the early 1900s, efforts were being made to save the Tiger from extinction. Alas, it was too little, too late, and the last known Tasmanian Tiger in the wild was killed by a farmer in 1933. Never surviving very long in captivity, and only ever breeding in captivity on one occasion, the last surviving Tassie Tiger died exactly 75 years ago in the Hobart Zoo in 1936 on September the 7th – the date upon which National Threatened Species Day is celebrated.

Although there have been a huge number of sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger in the seven decades since, and massive rewards posted for either confirmation of the species’ continued existence or the capture of a live specimen, no satisfactory proof has been provided. The continued speculation, however, combined with the Tiger’s unique beauty and status as a Tasmanian and Australian cultural icon, will ensure that, extinct or not, the Tassie Tiger will never die.

Tasmanian Tiger Silver Proof

The perfect subject for a full-colour coin, this outstanding new Perth Mint-struck precious metal Proof forms a dramatic tribute to one of Australia’s most distinctive, most mysterious, most famous creatures – the Tasmanian Tiger.

With a large, wolf-like head, tiger-like striped coat and wombat-like backwards-facing pouch, the Thylacinus cynocephalus (Tasmanian Tiger) is among the most intriguing elements of Australia’s great variety of exotic native fauna. Rivalling in reputation such wonders of nature as the platypus, kangaroo and koala, this unusual creature virtually disappeared from the Australian mainland around 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. At the time of European Settlement, it was found in significant numbers only in Tasmania. Hunting, disease and habitatdestruction all had a major impact on the Tassie Tiger population, and the last known thylacine died in the Hobart Zoo in 1936.

The source of constant fascination in the 75 years since the demise of the last known thylacine’ – with a large number of unconfirmed sightings of this legendary Aussie creature ensuring ongoing publicity – the highly distinctive appearance of the Tasmanian Tiger has been perfectly captured by the Perth Mint upon this stunning legal tender coin. Crafted to the height of Proof quality from .999 silver, and then superbly enhanced with full-colour, there is no doubt that the 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof will provoke massive interest across the globe. Indeed, with demand for full-colour Aussie animal coins from the Perth Mint at truly explosive levels, there is every reason to believe that a swift sell-out of the limited mintage of just 5,000 is inevitable.

Tasmanian Tiger

Sure to be as hard-to-find in the future as the Tassie Tiger itself, don’t miss the chance to capture this unique precious metal Proof at the affordable Official Issue Price!

  • Crafted to Proof quality from a troy ounce of pure .999 silver
  • Exclusive! Tiny worldwide mintage restricted to just 5,000
  • Struck by the Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender
  • Housed in a prestigious presentation case with a glossy ‘Birds Eye’ wood grain finish
  • Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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North America

Kingsford Smith 75th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof

In 1935, following a stellar career encompassing an incredible 18 successful pioneering flights, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith disappeared en route to Singapore as he attempted to break the England-Australia flight record in his plane, the Lady Southern Cross. In 2010, some 75 years later, we pay homage to the all-too-brief life of Australia’s greatest aviator with the release of this outstanding precious metal Proof.

Continuing his strong association with official currency, with Kingsford Smith found on the first Australian $20 note, as well as several sought after commemorative coins, the 2010 $1 Kingsford Smith 1oz Silver Proof has been struck by Australia’s Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender. A skillful example of the Mint’s world-renowned precious metal prowess, each 1oz .999 fine silver Proof unites a powerful portrait of Smithy with his iconic plane, the Southern Cross. Providing a striking contrast with these vivid full-colour images, the fully ‘struck-up’ depiction of the world forms a fitting backdrop to a man who took on the tyranny of distance with such breathtaking audacity.

A unique 75th anniversary tribute to the superstar of Australia’s Golden Age of aviation discovery and development, demand for the 2010 $1 Kingsford Smith 1oz Silver Proof is sure to soar sky-high. With just 5,000 struck, and massive interest in legal tender commemorations of Australia and its icons, the time to guarantee supply of this memorable Silver Proof is right now – at Official Issue Price.


A national icon to rival Sir Donald Bradman and Phar Lap, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith is unquestionably Australia’s greatest aviator. Defined by the same spirit of adventure as the great pioneers of the 19th century, Kingsford Smith – or ‘Smithy’ as he became known – was born in Brisbane, Queensland, on 9 February 1897. He enlisted in the defence force in 1915, serving at Gallipoli before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps and winning his wings in 1917. Shot down in August of that year, and suffering serious injuries, he served as an instructor, before being demobilised in 1919. His love of flying saw Kingsford Smith fl y for joyriding services after the war, as well as becoming a ‘barnstormer’ in the USA, but he had much greater things in mind.

Whilst flying airmail services in Australia in the early 1920s, and becoming one of Australia’s fi rst commercial airline pilots when he flew for West Australian Airways, Kingsford Smith was plotting to become the first to fl y across the Pacific. Setting off from California in 1928 in the newly acquired Southern Cross Kingsford Smith and his crew completed the 7,400-mile flight in three legs, landing at Eagle Farm Airport in Queensland to a hero’s welcome from a crowd of 25,000.

Not only the first to cross the Pacific, Kingsford Smith soon became the first to make a non-stop flight across the Australian continent – flying from Melbourne to Perth in August 1928. Just weeks later, Smithy and his crew took on icy, stormy conditions to make the fi rst trans- Tasman crossing from Australia to New Zealand, where they were greeted by a crowd of 30,000. Kingsford Smith would later make several record-breaking flights between England and Australia, and became the first to circumnavigate the globe in one plane in 1929. After 18 successful pioneering flights in total, Smithy’s last, ill-fated record-breaking attempt was destined to be his pursuit of the speed record for an England- Australia flight. Taking off at night from Allahabad in India aboard the Lady Southern Cross, Kingsford Smith disappeared over the Andaman Sea on 8 November 1935.


Immortalised in film, literature, art – and coins, notes and stamps, of course – as well as the namesake for roads, suburbs, airports, schools and more, the extraordinary influence Sir Charles Kingsford Smith exerted over the history of Australian aviation will never be forgotten.

A unique, exclusive type, this eye-catching commemorative coin is...

  • crafted to the apex of Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver
  • distinguished by a portrait of Kingsford Smith, united with the Southern Cross – both in glorious full-colour!
  • strictly limited to a tiny worldwide mintage of just 5,000
  • struck by The Perth Mint for Tuvalu as official legal tender of $1
  • beautifully presented in a high-gloss timber case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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North America

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2010 $2 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Collection

Adored worldwide…

First appearing in October of 1950, Peanuts was the brainchild of Charles M. Schulz. Presenting a unique, ironic social commentary on the USA, its array of quirky, distinctive characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy quickly captured the public imagination. At its height, the strip was published in more than 2,500 newspapers across 75 countries, was translated into 21 languages, and had an audience of over 350 million people! Attracting fans over several generations, inspiring countless other cartoonists, and crucial in establishing the 4-panel comic strip as standard in the US, Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts has been described as the most popular and most influential work in the field.

Peanuts 1oz Silver Proof Collection

Still immensely popular…

Although the last Peanuts comic strip was published in February 2000 – the 17,897th Peanuts strip, published a day after Schulz’s death – this highly original, somewhat eccentric cartoon maintains a powerful following. Still seen in newspapers, as well as the TV specials, the ongoing popularity of the cartoon has ensured that the field of Peanuts memorabilia is very strong. With this in mind, there is no doubt that the Niue 2010 $2 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Collection will provoke huge demand.

Enshrined in legal tender!

Peanuts has been honoured in many ways since first published 60 years ago – but never quite like this! An official issue of Swiss precious metal experts, PAMP, and enhanced with the latest European full-colour minting techniques, the 2010 $2 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Collection forms a truly memorable celebration of a global cultural phenomenon.
The perfect medium to create a permanent record of all your favourite Peanuts characters, the 2010 $2 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Collection comprises three crown-sized coins – each struck to Proof quality. A genuine legal tender issue, each .999 fine silver $2 coin portrays different Peanuts characters in glorious full-colour, including Charlie & Snoopy, Lucy & Schroeder and the legendary team of Snoopy and Woodstock.

Peanuts 1oz Silver Proof Collection


Beautifully presented within a highly distinctive presentation case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the extremely limited worldwide mintage of just 5,000, we have only a small number of this exclusive legal tender commemorative collection in stock.

  • Comprises three 38.61mm 1oz .999 silver Proofs
  • Struck by Swiss firm PAMP – a world leader in precious metals
  • Tiny worldwide mintage – just 5,000 sets struck!
  • An official legal tender issue – carries portrait of Elizabeth II Set in a presentation case
  • Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

For more information or to purchase online, CLICK HERE

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Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has teamed up with Canada's museums to release a new series of must-have lenticular moving image dinosaur coins. Each inspired by a different exhibit, the first coin in the series features the monstrous Daspletosaurus Torosus and centers on the nations leading natural sciences and natural history museum. Making the release even more significant is the fact that the museum is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Daspletosaurus is closely related to the much better known Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex for short. Both similar in build, the Daspletosaurus is an older and much smaller relative. Towering in at close to 9 meters in length and weighing around 3 tons, these dinosaurs were carnivorous predators at the top of the food chain and preyed on other large dinosaurs such as Centrosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. The Daspletosaurus lived in western North American over 74 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. Their bones were heavily constructed and some, including the nasal bones on top of the snout, were fused for strength. An adult was typically armed with around 6 dozen teeth that were very long but oval in a cross section rather then blade-like, allowing it to attack and kill heavily plated dinosaurs. Loosely translated, Daspletosaurus means 'Frightful Lizard' - a name quite fitting for such a ferocious beast!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

Implementing state-of-the-art minting techniques the Canadian mint has created a stunning lenticular coin that when tilted, the image of the fierce and dangerous Daspletosaurus appears to spring into motion. Presented in full-colour, the coin is sure to fascinate and engage amateur dinosaur hunters and enthusiasts alike. A distinctive addition to any collection, and an intriguing gift, each 35mm brass-plated steel 50c is set within an illustrated full-colour folder, complete with six FREE trading cards!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:


North America

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2010 Discover Australia Series

An imaginative, diverse celebration of Australia’s iconic wildlife, the Perth Mint’s 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series represents a breathtaking work of numismatic art. Distinguished by an incredible FIFTEEN DIFFERENT indigenous art designs, this prestigious Australian legal tender series is sure to mirror the popularity of the first issue in this illustrious Australian collector program.


As with the acclaimed 2009 release, the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series is available in stunning silver, glorious gold and prestigious platinum – with each series featuring different designs! Unique tributes to the Wombat, Koala, Platypus, Saltwater Crocodile and Frilled Neck Lizard, those designs are the work of noted indigenous artist, Darryl Bellotti, who has successfully used the art of coinage to bring Australia’s most ancient cultural traditions to life. Darryl’s designs are absolutely superb struck to the most rigorous Proof standards of the Perth Mint, and the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Collections will undoubtedly command the attention of those from both the collector community and the art world.

Defined by surprisingly small mintages – particularly given the world’s insatiable appetite for Australian indigenous art – this outstanding new Australian legal tender series is now available at Downies!

Affordable in silver...

A spellbinding synthesis of beauty, purity and presentation, the Perth Mint’s 2010 $1 Discover Australia Dreaming 1oz Silver Proof Collection is a stand-alone release of immense quality – and a must-have for those who secured the 2009 set!


A truly spectacular, distinctively Australian presentation, this new precious metal collection comprises five brilliantly designed crown-size coins. Compelling, highly individual works of indigenous art, the five coins pay homage to some of Australia’s most internationally recognisable native creatures – the Koala, the Platypus, the Frilled Neck Lizard, the Wombat and the Saltwater Crocodile. Beautifully accommodated by the imposing 40.60mm expanse of these flawlessly struck .999 fine silver 1oz coins, Darryl Bellotti’s inspired one-year-only designs look utterly sensational when united with the Perth Mint’s unrivalled full-colour-minting techniques.

Forming a fitting environment for such an eye-catching presentation, each 5-coin collection is housed within a plush, official Mint case with a timber lid, housed in a full-colour outer box. Completing the presentation, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also included, attesting to the strictly limited worldwide mintage of just 10,000 sets.

The most affordable issue of the 2010 Discover Australia program, the ongoing global demand for Australian indigenous art in all forms will ensure enormous interest in this exceptional Australian legal tender presentation. Secure your collection at the Mint’s Official Issue Price!

  • Comprises five 40.60mm .999 fine silver Proofs
  • An official Australian legal tender issue
  • Worldwide mintage set at just 10,000 collections!
  • Set within a stunning Perth Mint presentation case
  • Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Stunning in gold...

Drawing upon the ancient traditions of Australian indigenous art, the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Gold Proof Series is a masterpiece of precious metal minting.


Comprising coins crafted to the apex of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold, and distinguished by stunning one-year-only designs, the 2010 series is available in three exclusive formats. Strictly limited editions, just 1,000 $50 1/2oz, 2,500 $15 1/10oz and 25,000 $5 1/25oz 5-coin Proof collections have been struck for the global market! With the worldwide surge in demand for gold coins showing no signs of abating, and this series celebrating some of the most widely revered Australian native icons, the 2010 Discover Australia release is bound to be hotly pursued across the globe.

Typical of the quality of all Perth Mint presentations, each of these prestigious Australian legal tender collections is housed within an official case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

A rare opportunity in pure platinum...

With platinum more than 30 times rarer than gold, there are few coins struck in this prestigious precious metal issued anywhere in the world. And none as spectacular as the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Platinum Proof Series!


A seldom seen opportunity to add one of the world’s most desirable, rarest precious metals to your collection, this world-renowned program once again comprises two pure .9995 platinum sets. Underpinned by glorious full-colour, the 5-coin $15 1/10oz and $50 1/2oz platinum sets both pay homage to the same five Australian native icons honoured in the silver and gold collections – but are graced with radically different full-colour indigenous art designs!

A release of immense prestige, beauty and limited availability, just 1,000 1/2oz and 2,500 1/10oz 5-coin collections are to be issued worldwide – each beautifully presented within an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:


North America

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2010 $1 Sydney Cove 1oz Silver Proof and Wedgewood Plate Collection


The History

Australia’s first medallic issue, the Sydney Cove Medallion is unquestionably one of modern Australia’s most precious, most important historical artefacts. Produced from clay that was, somewhat remarkably, originally from Sydney Cove (now known as Sydney Harbour), the medallion was made in Warwickshire, England by legendary craftsman Josiah Wedgwood – known as ‘the Father of English Potters’. The clay had been collected by Captain Arthur Phillip, and dispatched back to Sir Joseph Banks in Britain, who then passed it on to Wedgwood. Recalling the art of Greece and Rome, and reflecting contemporary British interest in neoclassicism, the massive 50+mm diameter flan of the medallion depicted four allegorical figures upon the shores of a bay – Hope, Peace, Art and Labour. Produced to commemorate the landing of settlers in Sydney Cove in 1788, the medallion symbolized Britain’s vision for the ‘security and happiness’ of the infant colony.

Naturally enough, the Sydney Cove Medallion was produced in very limited numbers, and it was estimated in the latter part of the 20th century that perhaps 15 examples still existed. A priceless colonial artefact, connecting some of the most important names of early Australian history, this extraordinarily important medallion forms a fine subject for this stunning new Perth Mint presentation.

The Coin

Taking us back to the earliest days of colonial Australia, this stunning new release from the Perth Mint forms an inspiring tribute to Australia’s very first medallic issue – the Sydney Cove Medallion. Comprising a superbly struck High Relief Silver Proof, united with a genuine Wedgwood plate, this exquisite, prestigious, historic presentation is sure to capture the imagination of collector and non-collector alike.

As detailed in the column at left, the Sydney Cove Medallion was created by the ‘Father of English Potters’, Josiah Wedgwood in 1789 – just a year after the First Fleet arrived on Australian shores. A breathtaking piece of 18th century art, the Sydney Cove Medallion is acknowledged as a crucial Australian artefact, underpinned by immense historical significance. A fitting tribute to this original piece of colonial history, the glorious neo-classical design of Wedgwood’s exceptional creation has been enshrined upon an Australian legal tender coin by the Perth Mint – struck to stunning High Relief quality!

A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silver coin, this dramatic .999 fine silver masterpiece is defined by the extraordinary depth and detail in the design. Struck on concave surfaces to make certain that the optimum flow of pure silver is achieved by the strike of the die, the Perth Mint has gone to great lengths to capture the tremendous beauty and sharp detail of the Sydney Cove Medallion’s design. That the skilled craftsmen at the Mint have been successful in pursuit of that goal is evident from a single glance at this spellbinding $1 coin.

An original and inspiring complement to this flawlessly struck High Relief precious metal Proof, emphasizing the outstanding collector value of the presentation, each set also includes a genuine, original, limited edition Wedgwood fine bone china plate – bearing the same design as the original Sydney Cove Medallion!

Also bearing the lines from Erasmus Darwin’s poem, The Visit of Hope to Sydney Cove (written by Darwin at the behest of Wedgwood to accompany the original medallion), the edge of this magnificent, imposing 200mm collector plate has been finished in real platinum!


A prestigious, historic addition to any collection, housed within a large, stylish gift-box presentation pack, the 2010 Sydney Cove Medallion 1oz Silver Proof & Wedgwood Plate Collection represents an unusual opportunity for the collector to experience Australia’s earliest colonial heritage.

  • Includes sensational Australian legal tender High Relief 27mm 1oz .999 fine Silver Proof
  • Unique tribute to one of Australia’s earliest, most iconic artworks
  • Exclusive! Tiny worldwide limited edition just 5,000!
  • Features a genuine Wedgwood fine bone china plate – edged in platinum!
  • Housed within official Perth Mint gift-box presentation packaging
  • Includes informative booklet with numbered Certificate of Authenticity

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin

Following in the footsteps of the $1 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Collection that we blogged about earlier this year, we now present to you a similar release. Again celebrating the legendary Ned Kelly, The Perth Mint have released a new 1/4oz Gold Proof coin. Utterly magnificent in design and presentation, and with a mintage restricted to a mere 1,000, it’s set to be as popular, if not more, as the silver proof collection.
Read on for full details and a brief rundown on the history of Ned Kelly!

The history…

In 2010, we mark the 130th Anniversary of the death of Ned Kelly. Although opinion will always be divided – to some a working class hero, to others a criminal – no one has captured the public imagination quite like Australia’s most notorious bushranger. Involved in cattle rustling in the 1870s, Ned’s transition from minor criminal to fully-fl edged bushranger was triggered when he and brother Dan were accused of the attempted murder of a trooper in 1878. With a price on their heads, Ned and Dan took to the bush, where Joe Byrne and Steve Hart soon joined them.

The reward for each Kelly Gang member was raised to £1,000 after the outlaws confronted a search party at Stringybark Creek, shooting Sergeant Kennedy and Constables Lonigan and Scanlon dead. That reward rose to an incredible £2,000 per man following the bank robberies in Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie, NSW. The gang then disappeared from view for over a year, until June 1880. Killing former friend Aaron Sherritt in revenge for a perceived betrayal, the gang set out for Glenrowan, taking 70 people hostage in the hotel. It would be here that the Kellys’ last stand was to take place, and where the gang’s famous suits of armour would make their one-and-only appearance in battle.

With Joe Byrne killed by police, and Steve Hart and Dan Kelly committing suicide, Ned was the sole survivor of gun battle, and was sent to Melbourne to stand trial. Sentenced to death the murder of Lonigan at Stringybark Creek, and with pleas to have the sentence commuted ignored, Ned was led to the gallows at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880 – exactly 130 years ago.

The coin…

The ultimate tribute to Australia’s world famous bushranger, this flawless new legal tender $25 coin unites the latest in minting technology with the beauty, purity and luxury of the world’s favourite precious metal. As exclusive as it is eye-catching, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is destined to be one of the ‘Coins of 2010’.

A unique blend of history, quality and innovation, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof represents a glowing tribute to the expertise of the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint. Demonstrating the Mint’s mastery of full-colour technology, the 22.6mm flan of this unique legal tender type is graced with a superb design. Contrasting against the pure, lustrous .9999 gold, the striking portrayal of Ned is complemented perfectly by a design of the helmet from the armour suit Ned wore at the final showdown at Glenrowan.

With the Mint striking just 1,000 examples for worldwide distribution, it will be a race against time to own one. Certain to be pursued by gold collectors, as well as those seeking a prestigious tribute to Ned in the 130th anniversary year of his death, the only question is when – not if – this Australian-made Gold Proof will sell out.

Don’t miss this initial opportunity – guarantee supply at Official Issue Price!

A prestigious commemoration of Australia’s legendary outlaw, each of these stunning coins is...

  • taken from a tiny worldwide mintage of just 1,000
  • crafted to faultless Proof quality from 1/4oz of .9999 fi ne gold
  • struck by the Perth Mint as an official Tuvalu legal tender issue
  • beautifully presented within an attractive timber case
  • accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • excellent value-for-money at Official Issue Price. Act now!

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

For further information about the Ned Kelly $1 Silver Proof Collection you can view our previous blog post HERE

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