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Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has teamed up with Canada's museums to release a new series of must-have lenticular moving image dinosaur coins. Each inspired by a different exhibit, the first coin in the series features the monstrous Daspletosaurus Torosus and centers on the nations leading natural sciences and natural history museum. Making the release even more significant is the fact that the museum is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

The Daspletosaurus is closely related to the much better known Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex for short. Both similar in build, the Daspletosaurus is an older and much smaller relative. Towering in at close to 9 meters in length and weighing around 3 tons, these dinosaurs were carnivorous predators at the top of the food chain and preyed on other large dinosaurs such as Centrosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. The Daspletosaurus lived in western North American over 74 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. Their bones were heavily constructed and some, including the nasal bones on top of the snout, were fused for strength. An adult was typically armed with around 6 dozen teeth that were very long but oval in a cross section rather then blade-like, allowing it to attack and kill heavily plated dinosaurs. Loosely translated, Daspletosaurus means 'Frightful Lizard' - a name quite fitting for such a ferocious beast!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

Implementing state-of-the-art minting techniques the Canadian mint has created a stunning lenticular coin that when tilted, the image of the fierce and dangerous Daspletosaurus appears to spring into motion. Presented in full-colour, the coin is sure to fascinate and engage amateur dinosaur hunters and enthusiasts alike. A distinctive addition to any collection, and an intriguing gift, each 35mm brass-plated steel 50c is set within an illustrated full-colour folder, complete with six FREE trading cards!

Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus Coin

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:


North America

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2010 Discover Australia Series

An imaginative, diverse celebration of Australia’s iconic wildlife, the Perth Mint’s 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series represents a breathtaking work of numismatic art. Distinguished by an incredible FIFTEEN DIFFERENT indigenous art designs, this prestigious Australian legal tender series is sure to mirror the popularity of the first issue in this illustrious Australian collector program.


As with the acclaimed 2009 release, the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series is available in stunning silver, glorious gold and prestigious platinum – with each series featuring different designs! Unique tributes to the Wombat, Koala, Platypus, Saltwater Crocodile and Frilled Neck Lizard, those designs are the work of noted indigenous artist, Darryl Bellotti, who has successfully used the art of coinage to bring Australia’s most ancient cultural traditions to life. Darryl’s designs are absolutely superb struck to the most rigorous Proof standards of the Perth Mint, and the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Collections will undoubtedly command the attention of those from both the collector community and the art world.

Defined by surprisingly small mintages – particularly given the world’s insatiable appetite for Australian indigenous art – this outstanding new Australian legal tender series is now available at Downies!

Affordable in silver...

A spellbinding synthesis of beauty, purity and presentation, the Perth Mint’s 2010 $1 Discover Australia Dreaming 1oz Silver Proof Collection is a stand-alone release of immense quality – and a must-have for those who secured the 2009 set!


A truly spectacular, distinctively Australian presentation, this new precious metal collection comprises five brilliantly designed crown-size coins. Compelling, highly individual works of indigenous art, the five coins pay homage to some of Australia’s most internationally recognisable native creatures – the Koala, the Platypus, the Frilled Neck Lizard, the Wombat and the Saltwater Crocodile. Beautifully accommodated by the imposing 40.60mm expanse of these flawlessly struck .999 fine silver 1oz coins, Darryl Bellotti’s inspired one-year-only designs look utterly sensational when united with the Perth Mint’s unrivalled full-colour-minting techniques.

Forming a fitting environment for such an eye-catching presentation, each 5-coin collection is housed within a plush, official Mint case with a timber lid, housed in a full-colour outer box. Completing the presentation, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also included, attesting to the strictly limited worldwide mintage of just 10,000 sets.

The most affordable issue of the 2010 Discover Australia program, the ongoing global demand for Australian indigenous art in all forms will ensure enormous interest in this exceptional Australian legal tender presentation. Secure your collection at the Mint’s Official Issue Price!

  • Comprises five 40.60mm .999 fine silver Proofs
  • An official Australian legal tender issue
  • Worldwide mintage set at just 10,000 collections!
  • Set within a stunning Perth Mint presentation case
  • Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Stunning in gold...

Drawing upon the ancient traditions of Australian indigenous art, the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Gold Proof Series is a masterpiece of precious metal minting.


Comprising coins crafted to the apex of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold, and distinguished by stunning one-year-only designs, the 2010 series is available in three exclusive formats. Strictly limited editions, just 1,000 $50 1/2oz, 2,500 $15 1/10oz and 25,000 $5 1/25oz 5-coin Proof collections have been struck for the global market! With the worldwide surge in demand for gold coins showing no signs of abating, and this series celebrating some of the most widely revered Australian native icons, the 2010 Discover Australia release is bound to be hotly pursued across the globe.

Typical of the quality of all Perth Mint presentations, each of these prestigious Australian legal tender collections is housed within an official case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

A rare opportunity in pure platinum...

With platinum more than 30 times rarer than gold, there are few coins struck in this prestigious precious metal issued anywhere in the world. And none as spectacular as the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Platinum Proof Series!


A seldom seen opportunity to add one of the world’s most desirable, rarest precious metals to your collection, this world-renowned program once again comprises two pure .9995 platinum sets. Underpinned by glorious full-colour, the 5-coin $15 1/10oz and $50 1/2oz platinum sets both pay homage to the same five Australian native icons honoured in the silver and gold collections – but are graced with radically different full-colour indigenous art designs!

A release of immense prestige, beauty and limited availability, just 1,000 1/2oz and 2,500 1/10oz 5-coin collections are to be issued worldwide – each beautifully presented within an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:


North America

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2010 $1 Sydney Cove 1oz Silver Proof and Wedgewood Plate Collection


The History

Australia’s first medallic issue, the Sydney Cove Medallion is unquestionably one of modern Australia’s most precious, most important historical artefacts. Produced from clay that was, somewhat remarkably, originally from Sydney Cove (now known as Sydney Harbour), the medallion was made in Warwickshire, England by legendary craftsman Josiah Wedgwood – known as ‘the Father of English Potters’. The clay had been collected by Captain Arthur Phillip, and dispatched back to Sir Joseph Banks in Britain, who then passed it on to Wedgwood. Recalling the art of Greece and Rome, and reflecting contemporary British interest in neoclassicism, the massive 50+mm diameter flan of the medallion depicted four allegorical figures upon the shores of a bay – Hope, Peace, Art and Labour. Produced to commemorate the landing of settlers in Sydney Cove in 1788, the medallion symbolized Britain’s vision for the ‘security and happiness’ of the infant colony.

Naturally enough, the Sydney Cove Medallion was produced in very limited numbers, and it was estimated in the latter part of the 20th century that perhaps 15 examples still existed. A priceless colonial artefact, connecting some of the most important names of early Australian history, this extraordinarily important medallion forms a fine subject for this stunning new Perth Mint presentation.

The Coin

Taking us back to the earliest days of colonial Australia, this stunning new release from the Perth Mint forms an inspiring tribute to Australia’s very first medallic issue – the Sydney Cove Medallion. Comprising a superbly struck High Relief Silver Proof, united with a genuine Wedgwood plate, this exquisite, prestigious, historic presentation is sure to capture the imagination of collector and non-collector alike.

As detailed in the column at left, the Sydney Cove Medallion was created by the ‘Father of English Potters’, Josiah Wedgwood in 1789 – just a year after the First Fleet arrived on Australian shores. A breathtaking piece of 18th century art, the Sydney Cove Medallion is acknowledged as a crucial Australian artefact, underpinned by immense historical significance. A fitting tribute to this original piece of colonial history, the glorious neo-classical design of Wedgwood’s exceptional creation has been enshrined upon an Australian legal tender coin by the Perth Mint – struck to stunning High Relief quality!

A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silver coin, this dramatic .999 fine silver masterpiece is defined by the extraordinary depth and detail in the design. Struck on concave surfaces to make certain that the optimum flow of pure silver is achieved by the strike of the die, the Perth Mint has gone to great lengths to capture the tremendous beauty and sharp detail of the Sydney Cove Medallion’s design. That the skilled craftsmen at the Mint have been successful in pursuit of that goal is evident from a single glance at this spellbinding $1 coin.

An original and inspiring complement to this flawlessly struck High Relief precious metal Proof, emphasizing the outstanding collector value of the presentation, each set also includes a genuine, original, limited edition Wedgwood fine bone china plate – bearing the same design as the original Sydney Cove Medallion!

Also bearing the lines from Erasmus Darwin’s poem, The Visit of Hope to Sydney Cove (written by Darwin at the behest of Wedgwood to accompany the original medallion), the edge of this magnificent, imposing 200mm collector plate has been finished in real platinum!


A prestigious, historic addition to any collection, housed within a large, stylish gift-box presentation pack, the 2010 Sydney Cove Medallion 1oz Silver Proof & Wedgwood Plate Collection represents an unusual opportunity for the collector to experience Australia’s earliest colonial heritage.

  • Includes sensational Australian legal tender High Relief 27mm 1oz .999 fine Silver Proof
  • Unique tribute to one of Australia’s earliest, most iconic artworks
  • Exclusive! Tiny worldwide limited edition just 5,000!
  • Features a genuine Wedgwood fine bone china plate – edged in platinum!
  • Housed within official Perth Mint gift-box presentation packaging
  • Includes informative booklet with numbered Certificate of Authenticity

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin

Following in the footsteps of the $1 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Collection that we blogged about earlier this year, we now present to you a similar release. Again celebrating the legendary Ned Kelly, The Perth Mint have released a new 1/4oz Gold Proof coin. Utterly magnificent in design and presentation, and with a mintage restricted to a mere 1,000, it’s set to be as popular, if not more, as the silver proof collection.
Read on for full details and a brief rundown on the history of Ned Kelly!

The history…

In 2010, we mark the 130th Anniversary of the death of Ned Kelly. Although opinion will always be divided – to some a working class hero, to others a criminal – no one has captured the public imagination quite like Australia’s most notorious bushranger. Involved in cattle rustling in the 1870s, Ned’s transition from minor criminal to fully-fl edged bushranger was triggered when he and brother Dan were accused of the attempted murder of a trooper in 1878. With a price on their heads, Ned and Dan took to the bush, where Joe Byrne and Steve Hart soon joined them.

The reward for each Kelly Gang member was raised to £1,000 after the outlaws confronted a search party at Stringybark Creek, shooting Sergeant Kennedy and Constables Lonigan and Scanlon dead. That reward rose to an incredible £2,000 per man following the bank robberies in Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie, NSW. The gang then disappeared from view for over a year, until June 1880. Killing former friend Aaron Sherritt in revenge for a perceived betrayal, the gang set out for Glenrowan, taking 70 people hostage in the hotel. It would be here that the Kellys’ last stand was to take place, and where the gang’s famous suits of armour would make their one-and-only appearance in battle.

With Joe Byrne killed by police, and Steve Hart and Dan Kelly committing suicide, Ned was the sole survivor of gun battle, and was sent to Melbourne to stand trial. Sentenced to death the murder of Lonigan at Stringybark Creek, and with pleas to have the sentence commuted ignored, Ned was led to the gallows at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880 – exactly 130 years ago.

The coin…

The ultimate tribute to Australia’s world famous bushranger, this flawless new legal tender $25 coin unites the latest in minting technology with the beauty, purity and luxury of the world’s favourite precious metal. As exclusive as it is eye-catching, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is destined to be one of the ‘Coins of 2010’.

A unique blend of history, quality and innovation, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof represents a glowing tribute to the expertise of the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint. Demonstrating the Mint’s mastery of full-colour technology, the 22.6mm flan of this unique legal tender type is graced with a superb design. Contrasting against the pure, lustrous .9999 gold, the striking portrayal of Ned is complemented perfectly by a design of the helmet from the armour suit Ned wore at the final showdown at Glenrowan.

With the Mint striking just 1,000 examples for worldwide distribution, it will be a race against time to own one. Certain to be pursued by gold collectors, as well as those seeking a prestigious tribute to Ned in the 130th anniversary year of his death, the only question is when – not if – this Australian-made Gold Proof will sell out.

Don’t miss this initial opportunity – guarantee supply at Official Issue Price!

A prestigious commemoration of Australia’s legendary outlaw, each of these stunning coins is...

  • taken from a tiny worldwide mintage of just 1,000
  • crafted to faultless Proof quality from 1/4oz of .9999 fi ne gold
  • struck by the Perth Mint as an official Tuvalu legal tender issue
  • beautifully presented within an attractive timber case
  • accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • excellent value-for-money at Official Issue Price. Act now!

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

For further information about the Ned Kelly $1 Silver Proof Collection you can view our previous blog post HERE

QLD ANDA Show Special Release - 2009 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c!

Earlier this month, the Gold Coast leg of the ANDA Coin show was held. This was the first time an ANDA show had ever been held on the Gold Coast, and to mark such a momentous occasion an exclusive ‘Show Issue’ coin was released. Honoring one of Australia’s most iconic coin designs, this utterly magnificent release concentrates on Andor Mészáros’ 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c design that came so agonizingly close to being used for Australia’s decimal currency. Seriously considered, way back in 1966, the unique 20c motif was almost used on our first decimal coinage. Taking this into consideration one can quite easily appreciate the significance that this release has had on the numismatic community. Depicting a similar design as used on the infamous ‘1967 Goose Dollar’, this design highlights what ‘could have been’ of our Decimal currency.

The History!

To fully appreciate the significance that such a release has had on the numismatic community, one must know the history behind the original coin design. In 1965 the introduction of decimal currency and the subject of national coinage had a much higher profile in daily conversation than it does today. It goes without saying then, that the nation’s coin collectors held very strong opinions about which designs were to be selected for our national coinage.

1966 Goose Dollar

The process by which the designs were selected was carried out by the Commonwealth Government with high consideration as to what were most suitable for Australia. The Government established an Advisory Panel on Coin Design, who commissioned six prominent Australian artists to submit a series of designs for consideration. One of the six artists selected was Andor Mészáros, a highly talented architect and sculptor, and at the time one of Australia’s most successful medallion designers. Although the Government later chose Stuart Devlin’s designs, there was still huge interest in Mészáros’ designs from a wide range of numismatists.

Once the decimal designs were decided upon, many were surprised to learn that a one dollar coin would not be included in the new issues. So in 1966, the ‘Australian Coin Review’ (ACR) ran a design competition for a new one dollar design, with the winning entry being submitted to the Australian Government. Mészáros 20c “goose” design from his original decimal coinage submission was adapted to a one dollar format and won the competition. Sadly misfortune broke again and the submission was rejected by the authorities as they were seeking a common theme for all coins in the new decimal series, as opposed to a series of individual designs. However, the editorial staff at ACR had previously stated that if the winning design was of a sufficient standard, it would be “struck as a souvenir in fine silver”, continuing on to say that the coins would then be made available to collectors through the ACR and coin dealers throughout Australia. In November 1967 it was confirmed that this would become a reality with ACR outlining that 750 silver proof, 1,500 silver specimen and 10 gold coins would be minted. The 1967 ACR Pattern Goose Dollar was then engraved and struck by John Pinches medalists of London. In spite of the thinly veiled disapproval, the ACR’s unofficial crown sparked interest with collectors around the world almost instantly, with the proof version announced to have sold out completely in February 1968 issue of the ACR magazine.

The Coin!

2009 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c ANDA Show Silver Proof

Taking into the consideration the popularity that was sparked by the original “goose” design, and coupled with the tremendous popularity of official Australian ‘Show products’ the new 2009 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c ANDA Show Silver Proof is sure to spark immense interest from collectors around the globe. Crafted to the height of Perth Mint Proof quality, this .999 fine silver coin enshrines the Goose design in immaculate proof quality. A wonderful opportunity to secure this striking coin type individually, the Perth Mint’s decision to issue the ‘Goose’ 20c Silver Proof ONLY at the ANDA Gold Coast Show is an inspired one.

ANDA Decimal Pattern 20c Pack

With the huge demand placed on ‘Show products’, Downies has secured as many coins as possible from the edition of 2,500, and as expected our stocks are very limited. Presented on an official Perth Mint card, and available at a very affordable price, don’t miss what is likely to be your only opportunity to secure this historic, exclusive Australian legal tender type.

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

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2010 Burke and Wills Royal Australian Mint Commemorative Sets

This month saw the release of the Royal Australian Mint’s annual Year Sets. As always, the inclusion of some exclusive coins has sparked the interest of collectors, not only in Australia, but also from around the globe. Following on from previous years, the RAM has kept up with appearances by releasing the 2010 versions of the ever popular Proof and Year sets, along with the extremely cute Baby Year Set (in both Proof and Mint quality), and the exquisite Wedding Set. However, it was more so the new 2010 Commemorative 2-Coin sets that attracted the attention of most!
Honouring one of Australia’s most famous missions of exploration, these new 2-coin sets commemorate the Burke & Wills Expedition of 1860.

Burke and Wills Unc Set

The History…

Gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851 and the subsequent gold-rush led to a huge influx of migrants, as a result Melbourne was slowly populated with gold seekers which rapidly led to the growth of schools, churches, libraries and learned societies. This large influx of European settlers spurred an interest in inland exploration and in 1854 The Philosophical Institute of Victoria was founded. Naturally many of the European settlers at the time were intrigued as to how expansive Australia really was and with the forming of the Exploration Committee by the Philosophical Institute in 1857, the catalyst to map out and explore Australia was too strong to resist. As a natural progression, Burke and Wills were later chosen to lead the ‘Victorian Exploring Expedition’ and then in 1860 they led an expedition of 19 men to cross Australia from Melbourne in the south to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north, a distance of around 3,250 kilometers. At the time of their expedition most of the inland of Australia had not been explored by non-indigenous people and as a result was completely unknown to European settlers.

The expedition set off from Royal Park, Melbourne at about 4pm on 20th August 1860. The 19 men of the expedition included five Englishmen, six Irishmen, four Indian sepoys, three Germans and an American. They took twenty-three horses, six wagons and twenty-six camels. They had enough food to last them two years and ample amount of equipment fit for the expedition, however supplies were later left behind to lighten their load in the hopes they could increase their progress. Later in the expedition several men including second in charge George James Landells and the expedition’s surgeon, had all resigned. What was left of the expedition reached Menindee on October 12th, having taken two months to travel 750kms from Melbourne – the regular mail coach did the journey in little more than a week. By this time two of the expeditions five officers had resigned, thirteen members of the expedition had been fired and eight new men had been hired. Shortly after, Burke decided to split the group was he was concerned a rival explorer would beat him to the north coast and rob him of his title, and reward money which was offered by the South Australian Government.

Burke and Wills Proof Set

They halved expedition continued their journey to the Gulf of Carpentaria after deciding not to wait for the hotter weather to pass. The south-north leg of the journey was successfully completed; however they were sadly stopped by swampland just 5 kilometers from the northern coastline. On their way north the weather had been hot and dry, but on the way back the wet season broke and the tropical monsoonal rains began. This is where things began to take a turn for the worse, with a camel having to be abandoned and three other camels having to be shot and eaten, with their only horse later shot. Equipment was abandoned at a number of locations as the number of pack animals was reduced.

To extend their food supply they ate from the bush, with Burke and some of the others immediately coming down with dysentery. Charles Gray was the first to die on April 17th. The expedition later made it back to Coopers Creek where Burke, Wills and King continued on to make an attempt back to Melbourne. Their remaining camels later died and without pack animals Burke, Wills and King were unable to carry enough water to make it across the Desert to Mt Hopeless. As a result the three men were forced to return to Coopers Creek to wait for rescue from a search party. The three men lived on bush tucker and food given to them by local aboriginals. Towards the end of June 1961 Burke and King decided to return upstream to see if a rescue party had arrived. Wills became too weak to continue and was left behind as his own insistence. Burke and King continued upstream for another two days until Burke became too weak to continue – the next morning he died. King stayed with his body for two days and then returned downstream where he found that Wills had also died. King was later found by a search party, in pitiful condition, living with the Yandruwandha. He survived the trip back to Melbourne and died eleven years later aged 33 having never recovered his health.

Burke and Wills Proof Set

The Coins…

Available in Proof quality, these sparkling new sets from the RAM represent a fitting tribute to the 150th anniversary of the incredible achievements and great determination of the men who undertook this journey into the unknown. Sure to be hotly pursued by non-collectors, with Burke & Wills among Australia’s foremost ‘household names’, these sets are crucial to decimal collectors. The only way you can obtain the 20c and $1 Burke & Wills commemorative coins, with neither being issued for circulation and neither found in the 2010 Proof and Mint Sets, these new 2-coin presentations are essential to anyone keen to maintain a complete decimal collection.

  • Official tributes to Burke & Wills Expedition 150th anniversary
  • Available in both superb Proof quality
  • Includes the one-year-only 2010 20c and $1 commemoratives!
  • Housed in official, informative, attractive presentation packs
  • Offered at the same affordable Official Issue Price as last year!

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:

2010 Burke and Wills 2-Coin Proof Set
North America

2010 Burke and Wills 2-Coin Unc Set
North America

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Ned Kelly $1 Silver Proof Collection

The Early Years

Born in the mid 1850s, Ned Kelly seems to many to have been destined to live outside the law – and to die at its hands.
Growing up with the belief that the police targeted his family, Ned was at odds with the authorities from an early age. Charged with assault and theft offences as a teenager, and involved in cattle rustling in the 1870s, Ned’s transition from minor criminal to bushranger was sparked by an incident in April 1878. Constable Fitzpatrick claimed that the Kellys attacked him at their home, and that he had been shot in the wrist. The Kellys claimed that no guns were drawn and that Ned was in NSW at the time! To no avail, a reward was offered for the capture of Ned and Dan Kelly for their alleged role in the ‘attempted murder’, and they took to the bush, where Joe Byrne and Steve Hart joined them.

The Reward

The charge against Ned would soon be murder, when the gang confronted a police search party at Stringybark Creek, shooting dead Sergeant Kennedy, Constable Lonigan and Constable Scanlon. The reward for the gang, which had been £4,000, was raised to £8,000 following the bank robberies in Euroa Victoria and Jerilderie NSW. The gang then disappeared from view for over a year, only to reappear in June of 1880, when Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly killed one-time friend and alleged police informant, Aaron Sherritt.
A day later, the gang arrived at Glenrowan and took around 70 people hostage in the hotel. It was to be here that the Kellys’ last stand would take place, and where the gang’s famous suits of armour would make their one-and-only appearance in battle.

The Siege

Clad in the heavy iron suits, made from stolen or donated pieces of farm ploughs, the four men were besieged by police at the Glenrowan Inn before dawn on 28 June 1880. When bullets simply bounced off Ned’s armour – which was effective in stopping bullets fi red from further than nine metres – the troopers wondered aloud whether the figure in the mist was even human!
Although effective, the suit did leave parts of the body exposed, and Ned, in his final showdown with police, was ultimately brought down by bullets striking his legs. A police bullet killed Joe Byrne, whilst Steve Hart and Dan Kelly are alleged to have committed suicide. One policeman suffered a minor wrist injury, whilst two hostages were killed in the siege.

The Gallows

Although hit many times, Ned survived and was transported back to Melbourne to stand trial, where he was convicted of the murder of Constable Lonigan and sentenced to death. Although a petition to have the sentence commuted was signed by tens of thousands of people, Ned died on the gallows at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880.
Although dividing opinion both during his life and in the 130 years since his death – to some a symbol of national pride, to others a simple criminal – the Ned Kelly legend is woven deep into the fabric of Australian culture.

Honouring the 130th anniversary of his death…

Imposing full-colour coins, luxury presentation, extremely restricted availability; pure precious metal... the 2010 $1 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Collection forms an outstanding tribute to one of Australia’s most famous historical figures. Issued to coincide with the 130th anniversary of the conclusion of Ned Kelly’s short life – ending on the gallows at Melbourne Gaol in 1880 – this spectacular collection is sure to be the ‘Most Wanted’ release of the year!

A striking remembrance of Australia’s ‘wild colonial days’, this stirring new collection comprises four eye-catching $1 legal tender coins – each struck by The Perth Mint from 1oz .999 silver. Superbly enhanced with full-colour, each 40mm coin portrays one of the key moments in the lead-up to Ned’s capture, trial and execution. Depicting the £8,000 reward notice issued in February 1879, his world famous coat of armour, the Glenrowan siege and Ned’s execution respectively, the four coins unite to form a unique chronicle of the last months of Ned’s reign as Australia’s most wanted outlaw – and a collector acquisition of immense quality.

Housed within an attractive timber case, and complete with a FREE limited edition Ned Kelly Print, this memorable presentation is defined by a tiny worldwide limited edition of just 1,880 sets. Immediate action is highly recommended – sure to sell out at speed, this collection will soon be as hard to hunt down as the legendary bushranger himself!

An outstanding tribute to Australia’s legendary bushranger, each of these stunning collections is...

  • Taken from a tiny worldwide limited edition of just 1,880 – sure to sell out
  • Comprised of four 40mm 1oz .999 fine silver Proofs – struck by The Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender
  • Housed within a lavish timber presentation case, set in an eye-catching outer box
  • Accompanied by an 8pp historical booklet, incorporating a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Complete with a FREE individually numbered limited edition Ned Kelly Print! Valued at A$29.95
  • Absolutely sensational value-for-money at Official Issue Price – act now!

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

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Perth Mint New Releases - Battles, Orbital & Sea Life Series!

Last week saw the release of three new Perth Mint silver coins. Two from already popular on-going series and the third from a fresh new series dedicated to Australian sea life. Read on for full details!

Battle of Balaklava

The 4th and second-last release in the ‘Famous Battles In History’ series see’s the famous Battle of Balaklava re-created. The series itself is dedicated to commemorating famous battles throughout history, with previous issues focusing on the battles of Hastings, Cannae and Thermopylae. All have been extremely beautifully designed coins effectively depicting their respective battles, with the latest release being no exception!


Fought on 25th October 1854 during the Crimean War, the bloody Battle of Balaklava was part of the Anglo-French-Turkish campaign to capture the port and fortress of Sevastopol, Russia’s principal naval base on the Black Sea. The 40.6mm Silver Proof bears a full-colour depiction – as painted by brilliant artist Richard Caton Woodville (1825-55) – of one of the most famous moments of the Battle of Balaklava – the ill-fated ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, in which Lord Cardigan, after a misinterpreted order, led a 600-strong contingent of mounted British troops into the ‘valley of death’ against a huge Russian army. With over 110 British troops killed, and over 270 wounded, this battle went down in history as one of Britain’s most disastrous military defeats.AQ404_pack

With the earlier coins in the series all selling out at phenomenal speed many collectors were left empty-handed and considering the previous sales and high demand this series has created, it would be safe to say that this is definitely a coin that is again set to attract massive interest in collectors, not only from Australia, but also from across the globe.

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

Man on the Moon Orbital

Celebrating landmark events in space exploration, the Perth Mint’s ‘Orbit and Beyond’ series has commanded attention of collector’s right round the globe. Starting back in 2007, the series has seen one coin released each year with an innovative “orbital” function that allows the reverse design to rotate around a central image of the planet earth. With the previous issues having highlighted the 50th Anniversary of Sputnik, the First man in Space and the First Space Walk, there was always a sneaking suspicion that humanity’s greatest technological triumph – putting a man on the moon – would feature in this spellbinding series, and the Perth Mint has not let us down!


Comprising 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, with a central core made of non-previous metal, this coin displays an utterly unique appearance - one suitably fitting for such a monumental occasion. Representing the ideal format to celebrate the 40th anniversary of such a crucial juncture in human history, the coin’s reverse portrays Apollo 11 during the different phases of its historic mission.

Combining the unique qualities of the coin and the importance of its historic theme will ensure massive demand for the 2009 $1 Man on the Moon Orbital 1oz Silver Proof, both in Australia and overseas. With most of the mintage destined for the international market, collectors would be wise to make the most of any opportunity to guarantee supply of this dramatic commemorative coin.

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:
North America

Australian Sea Life – Lionfish

A spectacular start to a fantastic new series, to be issued progressively until May 2010, the Perth Mint has just released the 2010 50c Lionfish 1/2oz Siler Proof! A mesmerizing tribute to one of the nation’s most exotic marine inhabitant’s, this sensational new Australian legal tender coin is an essential acquisition for anyone enchanted by the mints incomparable full-colour expertise.


Portraying the truly majestic Lionfish in full colour glory, the reverse of the coin does well in highlighting such a beautiful Australian sea creature. The ideal candidate for the application of the Perth Mint’s state of the art full-colour minting technology, the Lionfish is distinguished by strong black and red bands, and very prominent dorsal and pectoral fins – all of which are superbly recreated upon the new crown-sized 36.60mm flan of this unique legal tender coin.AQ405_pack

Housed within an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, as typical with Perth Mint releases, this coin also comes in a vividly illustrated outer box, that when placed with the outer boxes of the remaining four coins in the series, forms on complete, eye catching marine photo!

An outstanding opportunity to build a complete, attractive, exclusive coin collection in just a matter of months, you must not miss the crucial first element of the 2010 Australian Sea Life Series.

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North America


Downies currently has all three sets in stock and available for sale via our website. To stay up to date with our current product releases follow us on Twitter, or add yourselves to our mailing list.

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