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Announcing: New Downies Website!

Throughout our 85 years as Australia’s home of coins and collectables, we’ve never been afraid of ingenuity. Which is why we are absolutely delighted to share this exciting announcement with you. 

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Nine People Who Shaped Australia – and why they’ll be remembered forever.

The deeper you look into Australia’s colonial history, the more intrigue you’re likely to find.

Before Australia became ‘Australia,’ and all separate colonies joined together to form a single nation in 1901, the struggles and triumphs of nine extraordinary people had a profound effect on shaping the country we know today. These are some of their stories.

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The man who put Australia on the map

Born in October 1728, James Cook rose from humble beginnings to become ‘one of the greatest of Englishmen’. This is the story of his historic maiden voyage - and its legacy that would earn him a place in Australian history books.

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The Hidden Coin Challenge - 1859 Ansell Sovereign

The great rarities of the British Gold Sovereign Series often emerge under unlikely circumstances, and are regularly underpinned by an unusual, interesting heritage. Immensely rare and highly sought after worldwide, the 1859 ‘Ansell’ Gold Sovereign is no exception to the rule.

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