Platypus 2022 $100 1oz Gold Proof Coin

Platypus 2022 $100 1oz Gold Proof Coin

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  • Fascinating tribute to the Australian platypus!
  • Struck to impeccable Proof quality from 1oz 99.99% GOLD
  • Official Niue legal tender – 38.60mm diameter
  • Exclusive! Strictly limited to a tiny 150 worldwide!
  • Set in a plush case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity!

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The 2022 $100 1oz Platypus Gold Proof Coin may just fit the bill for our most spectacular coin of the year! Representing a fantastic fusion of features including an intoxicating design, spectacular Proof quality strike, the purest gold content and enviable rarity!

Revered by Australia’s First Nations Peoples, the platypus has been an important part of indigenous culture, art and oral traditions for centuries. When Europeans first discovered this fascinating creature in 1798, it immediately caused confusion amongst scientists, many of whom believed that the animal was an elaborate hoax. Seemingly a hodgepodge of different species, this beast sported a duck’s bill, a beaver’s tail and displayed a combination of reptilian & mammalian traits…

Found predominantly on the east coast of Australia, the platypus is classified in a separate order of mammals known as monotremes, because of their ability to lay eggs. After they hatch, platypus young, adorably known as puggles, feed on their mother’s milk.

Inspired by the creature itself, this Niue legal tender coin is a masterful mix of the best modern-day numismatics has to offer! The reverse design features 2 delightfully detailed platypuses in their natural semi-aquatic environment. A marvel of evolution, this utterly unique creature boasts a flat tail, dense waterproof fur & partially webbed feet with claws. Directly behind its distinctive bill are the ear openings, which close when it dives. As if this amalgamation of features isn’t enough, the male also possesses a venomous spur on his ankles, making him one of the few venomous mammals on earth!

The full-colour rendering of the gorgeous blue and green hues of the platypuses’ underwater wonderland contrast spectacularly with the gleaming 99.99% GOLD content of the large 38.60mm flan. Semi-transparent, the colours allow the precious gold to shine through, creating an eye-catching effect.

Notable for its tiny numbers, only 150 of this magnificent Gold Proof coin have been issued worldwide. Underpinned by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, collectors and nature enthusiasts will jump at the opportunity to secure this wonder of nature! Get yours now, while you still can.

More Information
Country of IssueNiue
Year of Issue2022
Metal Purity (%)99.99
Diameter (mm)38.60
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