P. Satrienus 77BC Silver Denarius about Extremely Fine

P. Satrienus 77BC Silver Denarius about Extremely Fine

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  • An authentic Roman Republican denarius – struck 77BC.
  • Issued in the name of Roman moneyer Publius Satrienus.
  • Bears a startling depiction of a wolf on the reverse.
  • The obverse bears the portrait of either Roma or Mars.
  • Offered in superior grade about Extremely Fine quality.
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The iconic Roman She-Wolf?

A compelling work of numismatic art, this breathtaking Roman Republican silver denarius taps into the heart of the foundation of Rome itself – and also, perhaps, tells a tale of Rome’s imminent emergence as a European and global superpower.

On the obverse of this scarce, high grade Republican coin we find what is likely to be a portrait of Roma, Goddess of Rome, or possibly a youthful portrayal of Mars, the God of War. Fascinatingly, the number to the left of the portrait represents the number of the die with which the coin was struck. An early striking, this coin was created with die number eight out of more than 100 dies employed for the issue.

Whilst the portrait on the obverse is enchanting, it is the reverse design that commands most attention. This design is traditionally thought to depict the mythical She-Wolf – a symbol that dominates Rome from Ancient times to the modern day. Legend has it that the She-Wolf suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, after they had been abandoned by the River Tiber, and that she is therefore seen as having nurtured Rome itself.

Some numismatic experts have argued that the design of this coin is not only emblematic of Rome’s foundation myth, which was first recorded in the 3rd century BC, but actually depicts the famous Capitoline Wolf statue domiciled in Rome’s Capitoline Museum. Fascinatingly, others have argued that there is no connection whatsoever with the legendary She-Wolf, and that the reverse design is a reference to Rome’s victory in the Social War (91-87BC), where the defeated Italian rebels associated their conqueror Rome with a predatory wolf.

Even more interesting is the recent view that the two interpretations can be reconciled – that the coin symbolises Rome both as the apex predator, intent on devouring the independence of peoples within its reach, and establishing a mighty empire, but also reinforcing that Rome can protect and nurture all those within its domains, just like the She-Wolf protected and nurtured Romulus and Remus.

While the designs may provoke debate, there’s no question about the immense beauty and rich, compelling history underpinning this deeply fascinating Roman Republican silver denarius type.

Just one example available – click add to cart now!

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Year of Issue77BC
GradeExtremely Fine
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