Q. Sicinius & C. Coponius 49BC Silver Denarius good Extremely Fine

Q. Sicinius & C. Coponius 49BC Silver Denarius good Extremely Fine

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  • A genuine artefact of the war between the Pompeians and Julius Caesar.
  • Issued for legendary Roman general, Pompey the Great.
  • Struck by a military mint under Sicinius for Pompey’s fleet in the east.
  • Sicinius’ name appears on the obverse, with the name of Coponius – commander of the eastern fleet – on the reverse.
  • Spectacular state of preservation – graded good Extremely Fine.

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Struck for Pompey the Great!

A compelling, genuine artefact of one of the most crucial conflicts in the course of world history, this superbly preserved coin was struck for Pompey the Great in his epic struggle against the Julius Caesar in what is known as ‘Caesar’s Civil War’.

In a struggle that was to determine the fate of the Roman Republic, in the face of Caesar’s ever-increasing ambitions for sole power, war exploded in 49BC. Defeated at Pharsalus in 48BC, Pompey fled to Egypt where he was betrayed and murdered, and by 45BC, Caesar emerged triumphant. A year later, Caesar proclaimed himself ‘dictator in perpetuity’, and although assassinated soon after, Rome’s transition from republic to empire was all but inevitable.

A tangible piece of history, in a breathtaking state of preservation, the coin before you was struck by a mobile military mint under the moneyer Sicinius for Pompey’s fleet in the east, commanded by Coponius. Featuring a magnificent portrayal of Apollo, this spellbinding coin also depicts a club bearing a lion’s skin, with an arrow at left and a bow at right. The names of Sicinius and Coponius appear on the obverse and reverse respectively.

Virtually as struck, with exquisite detail in the designs complemented by entrancing old cabinet tone, this masterpiece of Roman coinage is graded good Extremely Fine.

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