Sextus Pompey 37-36BC Silver Denarius about Very Fine

Sextus Pompey 37-36BC Silver Denarius about Very Fine

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  • Important, rare and desirable, this 2,060-year-old coin was issued for Sextus Pompey and is one of few types to depict Republican Roman general, Pompey the Great!
  • Scarce in all grades, this genuine artefact of the Roman Civil Wars is about Very Fine, with a pleasing portrait of the legendary Republican leader.

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Pompey the Great was drawn into war against his one-time ally Julius Caesar after the collapse of the First Triumvirate. Defeated by Caesar at Pharsalus in 48BC, Pompey fled to Egypt where he was betrayed and murdered. His son Sextus survived, and built an army to continue the war against Caesar’s allies, only to be captured and executed by Marc Antony in 36BC.

Struck in Sicily, the coin bears the portrait of Sextus’ father. One of Rome’s most famous figures, Pompey the Great was rarely depicted on coinage, with personal portraiture banned under the Republic.

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Country of IssueItaly
Year of Issue42-40 B.C
GradeAbout Very Fine
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