FAQ Subscriptions

Here are some of the top questions we get asked about our Subscription Collections. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please contact us.

How do Subscriptions work? 

Downies Collectables offers a monthly subscription service through their brand Macquarie Mint. Simply choose a Macquarie Mint collection, and subscribe by purchasing the first issue. You will then automatically receive the remaining releases in affordable monthly deliveries for a subscriber-special series price. Never miss a new release! It’s the easy and convenient way to build a complete collection!

What is the delivery schedule for my Subscription? 

Subscriptions are dispatched direct to your door at the rate of one shipment every 28 days after you purchase the first issue.

How many shipments are in my Subscription? 

The number of shipments varies depending on the collection. Each subscription has more detailed delivery information on its product page.

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping is FREE for your first delivery! Each subsequent release carries a shipping cost of $12 – our standard shipping fee. See our shipping page for more details. 

What freebies are included in my Subscription? 

The free accessories included in each subscription varies depending on which collection you choose. Each subscription has more detailed information on its product page.

Can I pause or cancel my Subscription? 

Yes! You can pause or cancel at any time, quickly and easily. Please contact our friendly Customer Service team and they will help to arrange this.

Can I fast-track my Subscription? 

Yes! Depending upon stock levels, we are able to advance your monthly subscription orders, helping you to build your collection faster if you choose!  Please contact our friendly Customer Service team and they will help to arrange this.

Can I purchase a complete Subscription and receive everything together? 

Yes! For some subscriptions, we are able to offer the completed collection in one delivery and for one payment!  Please browse complete collections and complete folders in the Macquarie Mint brand.

What if I miss a payment? 

You will be contacted via letter or email to inform you that your payment has been declined. Please contact us to resolve the payment issue for your order to continue receiving your subscription without interruption.

What if my shipment gets lost? 

Please contact our Customer Service team if you think your regular subscription delivery is late or lost and we will track your shipment.

Please note that four weeks after the dispatch date need to have passed for an item to be considered lost in transit. 

My Subscription mentions a donation. How does this work? 

Some subscriptions raise funds in support of charities. For each issue you collect on select subscriptions, Macquarie Mint will donate a portion of the proceeds to the named charity. This means you contribute a donation amount with each monthly release as you build your collection. Please see the specific information on the subscription product page.