Tiberius 14-37AD Silver Denarius Tribute Penny near Extremely Fine

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Tiberius 14-37AD Silver Denarius Tribute Penny near Extremely Fine

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  • Thought to have been used by Jesus in his teachings (Mark 12:15), the Tiberius denarius is known as ‘the Tribute Penny of the Bible’.
  • Measuring 19mm in diameter.


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The Tribute Penny of the Bible!

Thought to have been used by Jesus Christ in his teachings, the Tiberius Silver Denarius is recognised as one of the ‘Coins of the Bible’. Known as ‘the Tribute Penny’, this famous coin is a fundamental element of every Ancient collection.

Detailed in Mark 12:14-15, the story of the Tribute Penny is among Christ’s most well known teachings. Jesus was asked whether it was lawful to pay taxes (‘tribute’) to the Romans, in the hope that he would be trapped into declaring his opposition to doing so. Knowing that they are trying to trick him, Jesus said “bring me a penny that I may see it”. Upon viewing what is popularly believed to be a Tiberius denarius, he asked “Whose is this image and inscription?” “Caesar’s”, his questioners replied. Cleverly avoiding the trap, Jesus said “then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”.

A wonderful opportunity for the Ancient collector, or anyone with an interest in Biblical history, we have a single Tiberius Tribute Penny available in near Extremely Fine. Bearing the distinctive portrait of the man who ruled the Roman Empire when Christ was crucified, the Tribute Penny is very scarce in this quality. Highly sought after, regardless of the grade, the Tribute Penny of the Bible is simply a must-have in the spectacular state of preservation seen here.

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Country of IssueItaly
Year of Issue14-37AD
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