Trebonianus Gallus 251-253AD Silver Antoninianus good Very Fine

Trebonianus Gallus 251-253AD Silver Antoninianus good Very Fine

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  • A genuine Ancient Roman silver coin, issued under Emperor Trebonianus Gallus (251-253AD).
  • Ruling at the height of the Crisis of the 3rd Century, Gallus reigned briefly before murdered by his own soldiers.
  • A superbly preserved 1,750+ year old coin – carries a striking portrait of the emperor.
  • Offered in premium grade good Very Fine – click add to cart now!

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A genuine silver coin of Ancient Rome, the denarius before you was struck during the brief reign of Emperor Trebonianus Gallus (251-253AD).

Gallus ruled at the height of the Crisis of the 3rd Century. One of the most tumultuous periods in Roman history, the 3rd century AD was defined by internal revolts, barbarian invasions and devastating plagues. The army played an increasingly pivotal role in determining who held power at the time, as Gallus discovered just two years into his reign.

Suffering at the hands of the Persians to the east, and with the Scythian raiders creating havoc in the Balkans, Gallus lost the support of the army. When the governor of Moesia Superior and Pannonia, Aemilian, was proclaimed emperor by his own legions, Gallus prepared to meet the usurper on the field of battle. Although the circumstances are not entirely clear, there is no doubt that Gallus was killed by his own soldiers, who then joined Aemilian. Ironically, the new emperor would suffer exactly the same fate three months later when his army faced the larger force of Valerian!

With the reign of Trebonianus Gallus being so brief, all coins issued in his name are scarce – particularly in the superb quality seen here! Graded good Very Fine, with a pleasing portrait and full inscription, this superior example is a must-have. Click add to cart now!

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