USA 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagle Extremely Fine

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USA 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagle Extremely Fine

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An exceptional opportunity for you to own a genuine artefact of the 1861-65 American Civil War – and secure a coin of tremendous rarity – we are delighted to present the sought after 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagle.


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Rare gold from the US Civil War!

Fought between states faithful to the Union and secessionist states in the south, the 1861-65 American Civil War was one of the most important – and most devastating – chapters in US history. Largely sparked by the question of slavery, the war left states, towns, even families, bitterly divided. The deadliest conflict in American history, perhaps as many as 750,000 soldiers and 50,000 civilians died before the war ended with the defeat of the southern Confederate states in 1865.

With the importance of this traumatic event to the course of US history, there is a natural worldwide fascination with the American Civil War. Artefacts from the conflict are always highly sought after, and the coins of the American Civil War are amongst the most sought after of all – particularly gold coins. With demand so high, and most Civil War gold issues scarce to rare, we rarely have the chance to present coins such as the rare 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagle to our clients.

Issued in the penultimate year of the war, the 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagles we have available were struck at the San Francisco Mint. Interestingly, people in the west rejected the use of paper money that had become commonplace in the east, and the San Francisco Mint was relatively prolific during the war. The Mint struck a full array of gold and silver denominations – including the Double Eagle, which spanned an impressive 34mm in diameter and encompassed a whopping 33.436 grams of 90% gold!

American Civil War history you can hold in your hands, with these coins no doubt used by those who lived through this bloody, brutal conflict, we have two 1864 $20 Gold Double Eagles in Extremely Fine condition. Underpinned by undeniable rarity, we expect both of these genuine artefacts of the 1861-65 American Civil War will be snapped up at super speed. Immediate action is a must!

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