WWI Memorial Plaque Replica 120mm

WWI Memorial Plaque Replica 120mm

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  • Recreation of a WWI Memorial Plaque, or Dead Man's Penny
  • Spans a massive 120mm - the same as the original
  • Depicts Britannia and a Lion representing Britain
  • Set in a superb, illustrated, informative hardback pack
  • Surprisingly affordable at the Official Issue Price

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During the years of conflict that occurred during World War I, many Australian Servicemen sadly made the ultimate sacrifice. A poignant reminder of the human cost of war, this 120mm medallion recreates the Memorial Plaque - nicknamed the 'Dead Man's Penny' - issued to the next of kin of those who had perished.

A Life Taken Too Soon

For many, the Great War saw incredible adversity and unimaginable dread permeate daily life through the years of conflict, tension and unrest. But things were even worse for the families of the more than 60,000 young Australians who lost their lives in conflict, whose worst fears were to become reality with the news of their loved ones' deaths. At least 1,150,000 Dead Man's Pennies were sent to the families of Allied soldiers, but not all were happily received. Some families took little comfort in the Plaque, complete with signed letter from King George V, and felt that it could not possibly replace the life that had been cruelly snatched away. Some were even sent back, unopened.

A Faithful Replica

Mirroring the original Memorial Plaque in design and dimensions, this replica is an excellent, accurate representation, allowing collectors and history buffs alike to reconnect with the Australian wartime experience in a completely unique way.

Imposing 120mm Diameter

As did the original Dead Man's Pennies issued to families of soldiers over a century ago, this replica spans a massive 120mm in diameter. The sheer size of this medallion contributes deftly to its overall appearance, creating an incredibly impactful presentation.

Highly Detailed Design

Staying true to the original Plaque's design, the WWI Dead Man's Penny Replica features a powerful, richly symbollic design of Britannia, surrounded by two dolphins, and a Lion, representing Britain. The medallion is bordered with the words 'He died for freedom and honour,' the final curve of the lettering extending towards the rectangular nameplate inside which the lost soldier's name would be inscribed. No rank was included on the plaque, a deliberate act to emphasise the equality of the sacrifice.

Superb Hardback Pack

Each WWI Dead Man's Penny Replica is set within a superb, illustrated, hardback pack, providing a wealth of information surrounding the issue of the original Plaques.

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