WWII Coins of Conflict Enamel Penny Collection

WWII Coins of Conflict Enamel Penny Collection

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  • Commemorates the iconic moments and people that defined Australia's WWII experience.
  • Comprises nine original King George VI pennies, enhanced with a unique enamelling process.
  • Each tremendous reverse design is sensationally rendered in full-colour.
  • The obverse of each penny has been plated in lustrous, 22-carat gold!
  • Sensational presentation includes a comprehensive, full-colour booklet and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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Exclusive, with the mintage set at 5,000, the WWII Coins of Conflict Penny Set honours the courage, endeavour and self-sacrifice of Australian service personnel during the Second World War.

Features Original King George VI Pennies

The perfect vehicles upon which to place these sensational, full-colour designs, the pennies used in this set date back to the rule of King George VI, placing them fair-and-square within the heart of Australia's World War II experience. With a rule spanning 1936-1952, King George VI oversaw a turbulent period for Great Britain and the Commonwealth, but negotiated the conflict with a poise and stoicism that quickly endeared him to the general public. The pennies included in this set were quite likely to have been circulated throughout the years of conflict, by ordinary Australians facing an extraordinary global situation.

Stunning Full-Colour Designs Enriched With Gold-Plating

Each of these sensational reverse designs pays tribute to a pivotal person - or moment - during Australia's World War II history, from Prime Minister Robert Menzies' declaration of war to the gruelling Kokoda offensive. Visually arresting, they are applied to the coin via a unique enamelling process. Enhancing the sense of spectacle and occasion further, the obverse of each penny has been plated in 22-carat gold, lending a timeless quality to the presentation and ensuring that these coins are cherished long into the future.

A Critical and Perilous Time for Australia

World War II was a chaotic period for Australians that saw numerous changes in government over just a few years. On the 3rd of September, Menzies announced that Great Britain had declared war on Germany, and that,"as a result, Australia is also at war." Australians were swift to enlist, and these soldiers were mostly deployed in the Mediterranean and Middle East. But there was a discernible shift when Japan entered the war in 1941, with the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The new Prime Minister John Curtin had concerns that a Japanese invasion could be imminent - a fear that crept into the minds of Australian people and grew in momentum over the following months. Concerned that Britain would consider the Pacific Theatre secondary to the Western Front, Curtin was desperate to assert Australia's national identity. He pushed for stronger ties with Roosevelt and the United States, sending Australian troops to various battles in the Pacific, from the grim jungles of Kokoda to the coveted waters of the Coral Sea.

Superb Presentation Includes Numbered Certificate

Housed in a presentation case, this excellent set is also accompanied by a fully-comprehensive, full-colour illustrated booklet. Detailing the rich history underpinning the nine coin designs, this sensational booklet is the perfect way to get the most out of your collection. Your guarantee of a quality acquisition, a Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

Exclusive Limited Edition

With a limited edition of just 5,000 - demonstrated by the individual numbering on the Certificate - prompt action is recommended to secure this sensational set at such an affordable price.

More Information
Country of IssueAustralia
Year of Issue1938-52
Weight (g)9.4500
MetalCopper Alloy
Diameter (mm)30.80
Limited Edition5000
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