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Decimal Coins

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Explore the Fascinating World of Australian Decimal Coins!
Embark on a captivating journey with coin collecting, a timeless hobby that enriches your intellect, deepens your appreciation for art, and broadens your understanding of history, politics, and geography. At Downies, we pride ourselves on being your premier source for collectable Australian legal tender, turning your passion into a lifelong adventure.

Our extensive collection of decimal coins covers a wide array of types and varieties, from the iconic (and rare) Round 50c coin to coveted commemoratives since 1966. Dive into our Downies Decimal Range, where each coin is a genuine piece of legal tender, available in both circulating and non-circulating forms. With popular denominations including 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, and $2, as well as limited-mintage commemorative decimal coins, in stunning Uncirculated quality, crafted by the Royal Australian Mint. You will be coining it with Downies in no time at all…

Build Your Dream Decimal Coin Collection Easily!
For those determined to assemble a comprehensive and exquisite decimal coin collection, Downies is your destination. Whether it's filling a specific gap or starting anew, our easy-to-navigate denomination filters help you find your treasures instantly. Missing something? Reach out to us here, and we'll assist you in your quest.

Elevate your collection effortlessly with a Downies coin subscription. Our experts meticulously curate complete decimal coin collections, allowing you to build your legacy through convenient monthly payments. Rest assured, each coin meets our stringent quality standards, ensuring you a collection of unparalleled beauty and value. Explore our Complete Australian Decimal Coin Collections and Subscriptions, designed for both affordability, ease and excellence here!

Global Legal Tender at Your Fingertips
Venture beyond Australia with legal tender from the world's leading mints, including the British Royal Mint, Japan Mint, and more. Stay current with the latest yearly Proof and Mint sets from around the globe, alongside exceptional new releases from renowned institutions like the Singapore Mint, Perth Mint, and Royal Australian Mint. With Downies, the best of global coinage is just a click away. Click here to explore global legal tender.

Welcome to the fascinating world of coin collecting with Downies – where every coin is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered…

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