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Can I access my historic order data?

Access to any orders placed prior to the 19.03.2024 will not be available to view in your account. However, we have securely
retained the previous 3 years of order data in our system. Our customer service team can
access this data, so should you need information about your past orders, we're here to

What's happened to my Bonus Points?

Any bonus points accrued on our old website have been safely and securely stored. Unfortunately, these are temporarily inaccessible on our new site. Any purchases made during this period will contribute to future benefits: your ongoing spend will be calculated and any benefits incured will be honoured when our new Loyalty Program is launched. Sign up to our database and keep an eye on your email for more info.

How do I choose a secure password?

Follow these tips to make sure you data remains safe:

  • Use Strong
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Will you email me when my order is being sent?

Once your order has been picked, you will receive an email confirmation to say your order has been prepared for shipping. After that, you will receive an email to confirm that your credit card has been charged, and a final email when your parcel leaves the warehouse. This will only apply if you have advised us of your email address.

How can I order coins from Downies if I live outside Australia?

Downies.com supports many customers from countries across the world. Our prices are shown in Australian dollars including GST (Goods and Services Tax). International orders are not subject to GST and so this is deducted from your order (this is shown in the shopping cart). Please note that international orders may be subject to local taxes and duty at the point of importation. Each country has its own customs rules and dutiable values. Different countries can consider goods in different categories of duty. Please check with your local customs authority prior to placing an order.

What is a Pre-Order and how does it work?

Please note that Pre-Orders are products that have not yet arrived and have only just been announced by the Manufacturer. Generally Pre-Orders can take up to 6-12 months to arrive and be delivered from the time you place the order online. For Pre-Orders you simply need to checkout as you usually would for an order online. If paying via Credit Card or PayPal, you will be charged when you place your order.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices for orders under $500 can vary depending on the products which are ordered, the price will be calculated at checkout based on the item/s in your cart.

International Shipping Costs can be found on our Shipping and Delivery page.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Within Australia, please allow 2-3 weeks, and for orders outside Australia, please allow approximately 3-6 weeks for delivery. This allows for the processing and packing of the order as well as any unforeseen delays with shipping. There are occasionally exceptions to this due to shipment arrival from our suppliers. These will be clearly identified on the product page.

What happens if I provide the wrong address?

If your parcel is returned due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address, we reserve the right to re-charge the cost of shipping the item. Please check your shipping address carefully before confirming your order.

What happens if my order is damaged or lost?

We want you to have a great purchase experience, and so we carefully choose our delivery partners. Unfortunately, occasionally things do go wrong. If your item is damaged in transit, is sent in error, or was incorrectly described, then we will happily offer a full refund or an exchange. Please include your postage receipt with the package and we will refund the cost of return shipping.

Australian customers, please send your returned items to: Downies - Reply Paid 3131, Nunawading, VIC, 3131

How can I get my delivery shipped by my preferred carrier?

We have delivery agreements with a selection of quality carriers. Our decision to use a specific carrier is usually based on the value of the item we are sending, the destination it is travelling to, and the experience of our similar customers. In some circumstances we can nominate a specific carrier. However, this is not available for all orders.

Returns and Refunds

Refund Policy

Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? No problem. We’re here to help.

As part of our money-back guarantee, we will happily refund you the full purchase price, minus shipping. No questions asked.

Please ensure that:

  • you contact us to return the product within 30 days of receipt
  • the product is in its original packaging
  • you have taken reasonable care with the product while in your possession

If you believe order to be faulty, wrongly described or incorrect in number, please contact our Customer Service team so that we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

News & Updates

Can you send me a Downies catalogue?

If you have recently purchased from Downies you will receive a complimentary copy of Money Magazine (Australian residents only). If you live internationally, or wish to join our newsletter list you can receive our catalogue by email. To sign up to receive our catalogue, contact our customer service team.

How can I add my name to the online mailing list?

To join our free email mailing list, simply provide your email address via the box located at the bottom of this page, and click 'subscribe'. 

How do I keep up to date with current and future product releases?

The easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse is our ‘New Releases’ page: your one-stop shop for the latest products, sourced from domestic and international partners. We receive new products multiple times a week so it’s a great place to start! We also have a News page, where we post updates about current and upcoming product releases, and take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of numismatics. Money is our monthly magazine showcasing all our most exciting product releases. Contact us to have our latest edition delivered to your door – at no cost. Alternatively, why not join our socials (Facebook, Insta and Tiktok) to get new product info?


Why is the price different on the web?

Our website shows the price including GST (Goods and Services Tax). International orders are not subject to GST, so this is deducted from your order (the price excluding GST is shown in the shopping cart). 

Please note that international orders may be subject to local taxes and duty at the point of importation. Each country has their own customs rules and dutiable values. Different countries can consider goods in different categories of duty. Please check with your local customs authority before placing an order.

Why hasn’t my credit card payment gone through?

If you have made an order which contains a Subscription or an order prior to 28 June 2022, your charge will show on your card once your order is ready to Ship.


Afterpay allows you to purchase from the Downies Collectables online store and pay later.

Afterpay lets you pay for your order in 4 instalments with repayment automatically occurring every 2 weeks – interest free! No waiting around to receive your order – it will be shipped after your first payment is approved!

For the full Afterpay Terms and Conditions click here

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Zip Pay helps you navigate day-to-day life with ease by spreading the cost of your purchases over time. You'll pay nothing upfront, and repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a schedule that suits you, with no interest ever. With Zip, you're more in control of whatever comes your way.

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Biante Model Cars


Please note that Pre-Orders are products that have not yet arrived and have only just been announced by the Manufacturer. Generally Pre-Orders can take up to 6-12 months to arrive and be delivered from the time you place the order online. For Pre-Orders you simply need to checkout as you usually would for an order online. If paying via Credit Card you will not be charged until the orders is about to be shipped to you, if purchasing via PayPal, you will be charged when you place your order.

Note: All product images used in this website may be of a prototype, a real image of the product to be replicated or an illustrative example and may differ from the final deliverable product.

Future Releases

Products marked as Future Releases or in the Future Releases Category are not able to be purchased as they are currently on order with the manufacturer. Our orders with the manufacturer for these items has been place but we are still to get an ETA on the delivery time.

In Transit

Orders marked or in the In Transit category are on their way from the supplier and cannot be purchased. The would have been originally pre-orders and then future releases but we have now been informed by the manufacturer that they are on their way and should be arriving within 3-4 weeks.

Product Information

What models do Biante Model Cars produce?
Biante Model Cars produce our own range of Australian model cars in 1:12, 1:18, 1:43 and 1:64 scale in both road and race formats. All models listed as a Biante model car are researched and developed by us in Australia and produced with one of the numerous factories we use in China.

Who are the other brands
We're also the Australian distributor for other major model brands such as Autoart, Kyosho, TSM, MINI GT Minichamps, Spark, TopSpeed, GT Spirit, Ottomobile, Vitesse and Quartzo. These brands aren't owned or operated by Downies Collectables or our other brands, they are separate entities who produce their own content to their own delivery schedules.

How come some models listed as Biante arrive in Autoart boxes?
While we import and distribute Autoart models, they're also one of the major manufacturers we use to produce some of our classic Australian road cars and Australian race cars. The research and development is all done in Australia by Biante for these models and they are exclusively produced by Autoart for the Australian market.

Why are your models produced in Limited Edition quantities
There are multiple reasons why we produce our model cars in limited edition numbers. The main reason is to produce a special product for the collector market. One of the other primary reasons is because the production process for model cars is a very in depth, hands on and expensive process so the models need to be produced in one-off production runs to be financially viable.

What is the difference between Diecast and Resin?
In recent times there has been a more common emergence of resin model cars in the Australian market and there are pros and cons for the use of both materials. Diecast models are a metal alloy and generally feature opening parts and are a more sturdy model. Resin models are a type of plastic and are generally closed bodies but with higher levels of exterior detail. To produce a resin model requires less investment in tooling compared to a diecast mould, therefore making a larger range of model possibilities viable to produce. Biante Model Cars remain committed to producing 1:18 Scale diecast opening part models wherever it is viable to do so while also using resin as an option where necessary in various scales.

Will you remake models that have been previously been produced?
Generally speaking no. We will not remake the same model in the same scale or level of detail as has been previously released before by Biante.

How long does it take to produce a model car from concept to completion?
It depends on the scale of the model and the age of the car being replicated, a new model project can take anywhere between 6-24 months depending on numerous factors.

If my models are to be an investment, how are they best maintained?
Keep all packaging in perfect condition, any original advertising material and of course keep the model complete with its original parts, dust free and preferably in a locked glass fronted display cabinet. For people who live in sunny climates, ensure that not too much daylight falls onto your cabinet or you will experience fading on one side of your model. Of course you do not let little folk play with your models in the sandpit or anywhere else. They are not children's toys.

How can I be sure that a limited edition model is in fact limited?
The model will itself be numbered or it will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Other than that there is no other way of knowing for sure. All 1:18 Scale Biante models include a Certificate of Authenticity and our 1:43 Scale models either have a production number printed on the base plate or a Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Do you take requests?
We're often sent requests to produce a wide and varied range of models through our support, dealer and social networks. Generally we have a working plan of 12-24 months in advance as to what models we will produce but some requests - if they're determined to be viable will certainly be considered.

Can you produce a custom, one-off models of my own car?
No, unfortunately we can't. This is primarily because the costs of producing a model car are very high and to produce a one-off simply isn't viable.

How come you haven't produced models of certain of cars?
There are a number of reasons why we haven't produced certain model cars. Generally all of the necessary licensing and legal requirements need to be signed off so there may be issues surrounding that which prevents us from producing a particular model. Some cases might be that we simply haven't gotten around to it yet, it could be planned for the future or it simply wouldn't be cost effective to produce a certain model. Another reason might be that we can only produce so many models a year without causing damage to the market through over supply, we have to be careful with how much we release each year. There are numerous planning and processes behind the decisions of what models we produce.

What is Scale / what does "1:18" etc mean?
Traditionally Biante and Apex mainly have 1:18, 1:43 and 1:64 Scale model cars although we do carry a variety of scales produced by a range of different manufacturers. The lower the scale number is then the larger the model will be, so a real car would be described as 1:1 Scale, a 1:18 Scale would be 18 times smaller in dimension to that. A 1:43 Scale model would be 43 times smaller in scale to the real version and so on.

As a rough guide here are some measurements of previously produced models:

1:12 - 40cm long X 17cm wide X 12cm high.
1:18 - 25cm long x 11cm wide x 7cm high.
1:43 - 11cm long x 3.5cm wide x 3cm high.
1:64 - 7.5cm long x 2.5cm wide x 1.5cm high.

Are Biante Model Cars Licensed?
Yes, in most cases where possible, Biante Model Cars produces models with licenses approved by the car manufacturer and in some instances, the racing category where applicable.

Can I get spare parts for a model if it is damaged?
Generally speaking, no. When models are shipped to us from the factory they are shipped in complete units. Biante models are made up of around 200 parts for detailed 1:18 scale. These parts are cast in groups on a 'sprue' which is a connecting piece holding all the cast parts together. There are sprues for each individual material used, i.e. white metal, plastic in black plastic and clear plastic. There is usually a short period of several weeks where some spare parts (and packaging boxes) will be retained by the factory to rectify any models damaged in transit. After this period, the spare sprues will be recycled into parts for upcoming models and no further parts will be available unless or until another production run eventuates.

Can I get a replacement Certificate of Authenticity?
We're unable to offer replacement Certificates for a number of reasons, primarily it's to protect the integrity of our products. All Certificates should be handled with care and stored in a dry, safe place.

Does Biante produce any catalogues of their products?No, our website is the primary resource of information for Biante products. We have produced an Annual Model Guide and Catalogue releases on CD Roms in the past but no longer have the resources to produce these items.

If I start collecting now, how can I get the models produced years ago?
You can check out the smaller shops that may have stock left over, or go to the larger recognised collector shops where you can often find historical issue model cars - these latter shops often have their own websites retailing both past and present issue model car stock. Ebay is another popular resource. More traditional sources for model cars can be found at various suburban swap meets or dedicated toy fairs, not to mention the "For Sale" columns in newspapers, trading magazines and the like.

Why aren't all teams in a particular racing series modelled by the one manufacturer?
There can be numerous reasons for this. First up, the actual racing teams must grant licences to the model manufacturers. This can also be in addition to the racing category and the car manufacturer. Sometime teams may ask more in royalties than a model manufacturer may consider worthwhile. From another perspective, some teams are obviously more popular than others. Some model manufacturers may be satisfied to produce small quantity editions of a particular model, whereas other diecast model companies may only be attracted to the 'bigger' teams. Yet another angle may relate to the origins of teams, drivers and model manufacturers. For example, one manufacturer may be German based, so their preference for product may align more toward German drivers and/or cars and these could be the types of models that they most want to make.

Why don't you produce models of all the cars in the V8 Supercars Championship?Primarily due to the reasons stated above. We have to secure the contracts and licenses with individual teams to produce models of their cars. Some we have contracts to produce some cars and some we don't due to a number of different reasons.

What teams do you currently produce models for in the V8 Supercars Championship?Search for V8 Supercars in the shopping section of this website and you will be able to see which teams we produce models for.

Why are the new Car of the Future V8 Supercar models in 1:18 Scale cheaper than other 1:18 Scale models produced by Biante?
When the Car of the Future was announced as the new technical standard for V8 Supercars, this presented us with an opportunity to develop new models and try to reduce their price to make the product more attractive to fans and collectors. Our 1:18 V8 Supercar models are still produced in diecast with opening parts other than the boot. We have reduced the price by sealing the boot and lowering some of the more expensive levels of detail seen on other model cars.

How often is a particular competition or racing car made?
For each model manufacturer, the established practise is for only one production run of a particular car/driver combination per year. In modern times however with special events and liveries, this potentially can be increased. There are also some circumstances whereby the same car is sometimes replicated in model form by more than one diecast manufacturer. Generally though, most competition cars are one-offs and that is why you need to buy your favourite model car as soon as you see it made available.

Are only current competition and racing cars produced?
It depends on the model manufacturer but generally both older and modern racing cars are produced. Biante Model Cars produces a range of classic Australian Touring Car models and current V8 Supercars.

Why do some competition models not have all the sponsors decorations like the real car?
Discrepancies are mainly due to tobacco and/or alcohol government legislation. In a majority of western countries it is now illegal to display tobacco advertising, including company or brand logos. It doesn't matter as to whether tobacco advertising was legal in the time of the relevant race car - model manufacturers have to abide by the current day rules. Also, there are countries that restrict alcohol advertising, so some models do not show these areas of decoration either. Other livery deletions may be due to conflicts between team sponsors and race event sponsors.

Does Biante only produce model cars?
No, Biante produces other collecting and motorsport related products and it is an area we hope to continue to grow in the future. 1:10 Scale display bonnets and our limited edition prints are two new product ranges which have proven to be popular.

Buying and Selling

Does Downies buy coins from collectors?

Yes, we do buy some coins from collectors. Downies Australian Coin Auctions is always looking for collections, and rare and unusual items. Please contact Downies Australian Coin Auctions here for an obligation-free appraisal.


The Downies Wholesale department offers businesses the opportunity to buy products at wholesale prices for the purpose of reselling. 

To be considered as a Wholesale Client you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be able to supply a valid Business or Re-sellers Licence (ABN if your business is registered in Australia).
  • You must be an established business that is either looking to trade or already trades in numismatic items (Coins and Banknotes).

If you meet both of the above criteria and would like to apply to become a Wholesale Client, contact us today at wholesale@downies.com


How do Subscriptions work? 

Downies Collectables offers a monthly subscription service. Simply choose a collection, and subscribe by purchasing the first issue. You will then automatically receive the remaining releases in affordable monthly deliveries for a subscriber-special series price. Never miss a new release! It’s the easy and convenient way to build a complete collection!

What is the delivery schedule for my Subscription? 

Subscriptions are dispatched direct to your door at the rate of one shipment every 28 days after you purchase the first issue.

How many shipments are in my Subscription?

The number of shipments varies depending on the collection. Each subscription has more detailed delivery information on its product page.

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping is FREE for your first delivery! Each subsequent release carries a shipping cost of $12 – our standard shipping fee. 

What freebies are included in my Subscription? 

The free accessories included in each subscription varies depending on which collection you choose. Each subscription has more detailed information on its product page.

Can I pause or cancel my Subscription?

Yes! You can pause or cancel at any time, quickly and easily. Please contact our friendly Customer Service team and they will help to arrange this.

Can I fast-track my Subscription? 

Yes! Depending upon stock levels, we are able to advance your monthly subscription orders, helping you to build your collection faster if you choose! Please contact our friendly Customer Service team and they will help to arrange this.

Can I purchase a complete Subscription and receive everything together? 

Yes! For some subscriptions, we are able to offer the completed collection in one delivery and for one payment!  Please browse the 'Complete Collections' category.

What if I miss a payment?

You will be contacted via letter or email to inform you that your payment has been declined. Please contact us to resolve the payment issue for your order to continue receiving your subscription without interruption.

What if my shipment gets lost? 

Please contact our Customer Service team if you think your regular subscription delivery is late or lost and we will track your shipment.

Please note that four weeks after the dispatch date need to have passed for an item to be considered lost in transit. 

My Subscription mentions a donation. How does this work? 

Some subscriptions raise funds in support of charities. For each issue you collect on select subscriptions, Downies Collectables will donate a portion of the proceeds to the named charity. This means you contribute a donation amount with each monthly release as you build your collection. Please see the specific information on the subscription product page.


Easter Egg Hunt Promotion

T&Cs: Promotion ends Monday 1st April 11:59pm AEDT. Codes can be found on hidden easter eggs located around our website. Only ONE code can be used per transaction. Each code can be used ONCE per customer. Apply discount code at checkout for saving. Discount codes not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Code cannot be used on new releases and subscriptions. 

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How do I contact Downies?

Write to us via the form below, or email info@downies.com

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