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Pre-Decimal Coins

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An Australian Numismatic Journey - From Proclamation & Federation To Decimal Changeover!
Before the transition to decimal currency, Australia used and produced captivating and historically significant coins, each telling a story of monarchs, wars, and the evolving political landscape.

Australia's earliest coinage are known as 'Proclamation Coins'. Before 1901, various foreign coins were officially assigned a set value in the early British colony of New South Wales by Governor King's proclamation on 19 November 1800. This was done to standardise and address a shortage in currency. Proclamation coinage included a variety of silver and gold coins from countries such as Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The path to Australia's own coinage began with Federation in 1901, culminating in the release of the first Australian florin, shilling, sixpence, and threepence featuring King Edward VII in 1910. However, it was back to the drawing board when the unexpected death of Edward VII the same year marked a poignant moment in Australia's numismatic history, creating highly coveted one-year-only coins.

The era of fascinating Pre-Decimal coinage continued until 1964 when Australia transitioned to the Decimal system. The years before the Decimal changeover brought Australia some of the most exciting and iconic coins ever seen!

The fascinating world of Australian Pre-Decimal Coins…
Dive into the history of Australian Pre-Decimal Coins and discover a treasure trove of numismatic wonders. Many aspects of Australian Pre-Decimal coinage ignite the passion of collectors…

It could be the scarcity of those one-year-only King Edward VII coins, the elegant 1927 Canberra Florin, Australia's first commemorative coin celebrated for its exquisite design, or the glamour of the rare King George V-era ‘30 Penny or ‘23 Halfpenny. Some collectors are fascinated with the coins of WWII and the years following the Great Depression. Or it may be coins from the beginning of the rule of Queen Elizabeth II that spark your interest – a woman who would go on to be the longest-reigning monarch in British/English history. These coins offer a glimpse into Australia's vibrant past – explore now!

A Passion for Pre-Decimals – Stay Updated with Our Collection!
The quest to assemble a complete 1910-1964 is a formidable challenge, given the millions of coins lost or destroyed over the decades, especially those from the reigns of Edward VII and George V. Downies is constantly sourcing Pre-Decimal coins and updating our inventory with exciting rarities, so that you can begin your very own collection, or find the coin you have been searching for! Keep an eye on our Pre-Decimal Coins page for updates and subscribe to our monthly Money Magazine for new arrivals.

We also offer comprehensive Pre-Decimal coin collections containing multiple pre-decimal coins to help you fast track your passion. Explore below to discover what we have in stock today and seize the opportunity to own a piece of Australia's numismatic heritage!

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