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The Most Popular Pre-Decimal Coin – The Penny!
The penny was introduced into Australia in 1911, following the establishment of the Australian Commonwealth in 1901, as part of the new national currency system that replaced the various ‘Proclamation Coins’, used in the Australian colonies. The penny remained in circulation until it was phased out with the introduction of decimal currency on February 14, 1966, when the Australian Dollar replaced the Australian Pound. The Penny therefore offers numismatic enthusiasts a unique window into the past, with each piece narrating its own chapter of Australia's monetary heritage. It is also the ‘humble’ Penny that holds the title of Australia’s ‘king of coins’- the King George V-era 1930 Penny is one of Australia’s rarest and most sought-after coins

An Australian Penny Collection: The Ultimate Copper Chronicle
Many collectors aspire to own a complete Australian penny set spanning the years 1911 to 1964, capturing the evolution of Australian society. With over 74 different dates and mintmarks, highlights of an Australian penny collection include the George V 1925 and George VI 1946 pennies, renowned for their low mintages and high collector demand. The 1925 penny, with a mintage of merely 117,000, and the 1946 penny, with 363,000 minted.

King of Australian Coins – The 1930 Penny!
The Australian 1930 penny is Australia’s most sought-after coin, largely due to its extremely low mintage numbers. Its rarity is attributed to a significant reduction in the demand for new coinage as a result of the Great Depression. Initially, it was believed that no pennies were minted in 1930, it was later discovered that a small number of pennies were indeed struck in 1930, not for circulation but likely for use in mint sets or for other purposes. As a result, there are a tiny number of genuine 1930 Australian pennies and the exact number remains uncertain.

The combination of its accidental production, the low number of coins minted, and the lack of comprehensive records from that time contributes to the 1930 penny's rarity and desirability among collectors. As a result, when a 1930 penny does appear on the market, it commands a high price, reflecting its status as one of the crown jewels of Australian numismatics. We have offered a few at Downies, so keep your eyes out… you never know when one of these treasures will resurface!

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