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Star Wars

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Embark on a Galactic Journey with OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Star Wars Collectables

Downies Collectables invites you to harness the power of the Force with our exclusive, officially licensed Star Wars commemoratives and collectables. Whether you're beginning your journey as a Padawan or you're already a seasoned Jedi Master, our curated selection of Star Wars memorabilia is designed to elevate your collection to interstellar heights.

A Universe of Officially-Licensed Star Wars Treasures Awaits

Embrace your destiny with our striking array of Star Wars commemorative medallions, each masterfully crafted and finished in precious metals. Dive into a galaxy of collectibles, including immersive Star Wars games and the awe-inspiring limited edition Royal Selangor figurines. From Grogu to Han Solo, Darth Vader to the Millennium Falcon, and the wise Yoda, our collection captures the essence of the Star Wars universe.

Iconic Characters & Scenes in Stunning Detail

Our medallion collections bring to life the most memorable characters and scenes from Star Wars Episodes I-IX and The Mandalorian series, all in vivid full color. Choose from an assortment of precious metal finishes, including 24-carat gold and pure silver, each medallion struck to a mirror-like Prooflike quality, ensuring a collector's item that's as valuable as it is visually stunning.

Easily Grow Your Star Wars Empire with Subscription Services

Subscribe to our Star Wars collection for the simplest way to grow your galactic empire. We'll deliver a new Star Wars medallion to your doorstep every month, allowing you to build your collection at your own pace, hassle-free. Subscribers also receive a complimentary themed presentation folder, perfect for showcasing your collection with pride.

Reach for the Stars – Explore Today!

Our Star Wars merchandise is the must-have addition for any fan looking to celebrate their love for the saga. Heed Yoda's advice: "Do, or do not – there is no try." Begin your adventure into the Star Wars universe with Downies Collectables today.

This is the way... Explore our range of Star Wars subscriptions and products and let your collection reach the stars.

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