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World Coins

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Embark on a Global Coin Collecting Adventure with Downies!
It has been said that coin collecting is the art of finding magic in a mundane world. At Downies Collectables, the world is anything but mundane! We have spent decades fostering relationships with leading global mints, international coin dealers and producers, creating one of the largest networks of international partners in Australia! This means that we can provide our customers with the rarest, most innovative, and sought-after legal tender from all corners of the globe.

Whether you collect gold sovereigns from different Commonwealth mints, rare historic coins from ancient Rome, the Hellenistic world and ancient Britain, or you are simply seeking the most exciting modern coins the numismatic world has to offer - we have what you are looking for!

Discover Mint and Proof Sets from global mints! We also stock fascinating new coins from the Royal Mint (UK), Japan Mint, Austrian Mint, Singapore Mint, Canadian Mint, US Mint and many more in a wide range of metals, themes, shapes and finishes -including pure gold and silver!

Mark important milestones, give unique gifts and super-size your coin collection with coins that display cutting-edge minting techniques, struck in foreign lands. Browse our world coins and you will enhance your appreciation of art and gain a broad knowledge of history, politics and geography.

Shop our wide range of international coins today!

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