2010 $1 Sydney Cove 1oz Silver Proof and Wedgewood Plate Collection


The History

Australia’s first medallic issue, the Sydney Cove Medallion is unquestionably one of modern Australia’s most precious, most important historical artefacts. Produced from clay that was, somewhat remarkably, originally from Sydney Cove (now known as Sydney Harbour), the medallion was made in Warwickshire, England by legendary craftsman Josiah Wedgwood – known as ‘the Father of English Potters’. The clay had been collected by Captain Arthur Phillip, and dispatched back to Sir Joseph Banks in Britain, who then passed it on to Wedgwood. Recalling the art of Greece and Rome, and reflecting contemporary British interest in neoclassicism, the massive 50+mm diameter flan of the medallion depicted four allegorical figures upon the shores of a bay – Hope, Peace, Art and Labour. Produced to commemorate the landing of settlers in Sydney Cove in 1788, the medallion symbolized Britain’s vision for the ‘security and happiness’ of the infant colony.

Naturally enough, the Sydney Cove Medallion was produced in very limited numbers, and it was estimated in the latter part of the 20th century that perhaps 15 examples still existed. A priceless colonial artefact, connecting some of the most important names of early Australian history, this extraordinarily important medallion forms a fine subject for this stunning new Perth Mint presentation.


The Coin

Taking us back to the earliest days of colonial Australia, this stunning new release from the Perth Mint forms an inspiring tribute to Australia’s very first medallic issue – the Sydney Cove Medallion. Comprising a superbly struck High Relief Silver Proof, united with a genuine Wedgwood plate, this exquisite, prestigious, historic presentation is sure to capture the imagination of collector and non-collector alike.

As detailed in the column at left, the Sydney Cove Medallion was created by the ‘Father of English Potters’, Josiah Wedgwood in 1789 – just a year after the First Fleet arrived on Australian shores. A breathtaking piece of 18th century art, the Sydney Cove Medallion is acknowledged as a crucial Australian artefact, underpinned by immense historical significance. A fitting tribute to this original piece of colonial history, the glorious neo-classical design of Wedgwood’s exceptional creation has been enshrined upon an Australian legal tender coin by the Perth Mint – struck to stunning High Relief quality!

A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silver coin, this dramatic .999 fine silver masterpiece is defined by the extraordinary depth and detail in the design. Struck on concave surfaces to make certain that the optimum flow of pure silver is achieved by the strike of the die, the Perth Mint has gone to great lengths to capture the tremendous beauty and sharp detail of the Sydney Cove Medallion’s design. That the skilled craftsmen at the Mint have been successful in pursuit of that goal is evident from a single glance at this spellbinding $1 coin.

An original and inspiring complement to this flawlessly struck High Relief precious metal Proof, emphasizing the outstanding collector value of the presentation, each set also includes a genuine, original, limited edition Wedgwood fine bone china plate – bearing the same design as the original Sydney Cove Medallion!

Also bearing the lines from Erasmus Darwin’s poem, The Visit of Hope to Sydney Cove (written by Darwin at the behest of Wedgwood to accompany the original medallion), the edge of this magnificent, imposing 200mm collector plate has been finished in real platinum!


A prestigious, historic addition to any collection, housed within a large, stylish gift-box presentation pack, the 2010 Sydney Cove Medallion 1oz Silver Proof & Wedgwood Plate Collection represents an unusual opportunity for the collector to experience Australia’s earliest colonial heritage.

  • Includes sensational Australian legal tender High Relief 27mm 1oz .999 fine Silver Proof
  • Unique tribute to one of Australia’s earliest, most iconic artworks
  • Exclusive! Tiny worldwide limited edition just 5,000!
  • Features a genuine Wedgwood fine bone china plate – edged in platinum!
  • Housed within official Perth Mint gift-box presentation packaging
  • Includes informative booklet with numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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