Hop into 2023 with the Year of the Rabbit!

Following hot on the heels of New Year’s Eve revelries to ring in 2023, the world is now excitedly gearing up to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Traditionally known as the Chinese New Year, this annual 15-day festival is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Devotees will bound into the Year of the Rabbit with an explosion of colour, revelry and red envelopes, in a magnificent celebration that has gained many western fans in recent years.

Observed for thousands of years across Asia and the Asian diaspora, this colourful and joyful period has been widely embraced in Australia, and for good reason! Sydney's Lunar New Year celebrations are thought to be one of the largest outside Asia as millions join in to exalt new beginnings, family, goodwill, and love!

Originally an agricultural holiday, the ‘Spring Festival’ is believed to have originated during China’s Shang Dynasty. Lunar New Year carries with it a trove of traditions that are based on an amalgamation of history, symbolism, superstition and myth. People celebrate Lunar New Year in different ways depending on their culture and family history, but many common threads unite adherents in setting an intention for a lucky and prosperous future.

Because the Lunar New Year is determined by the cycles of the moon the dates change each year. 2023 Lunar New Year falls on January 22, with revelries lasting until February 5. A colourful tapestry of traditions, the festival is distinguished by firework displays, red clothing and beautiful paper decorations intended to usher out the old year and bring forth luck and prosperity. There are customs to honour relatives who have died, and bless loved ones and the young with coins and money in red envelopes. The culmination of festivities is the Lantern Festival, during which people hang glowing lanterns in temples in a night-time parade.

An important tradition is the designation of a zodiac animal to each new year, with the attributes of that animal determining the fortunes of those born under its influence. The origin of zodiac animals lies in the legend of the Jade Emperor, who decided that there should be a way to measure time. It is said that he commanded all animals to compete in a race, with the first 12 animals being rewarded by having a year dedicated to them.

The rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year Chinese lunar cycle. A demure animal reliant on intellect rather than strength, the rabbit is believed to manifest longevity, prosperity, hope and peace and is representative of the moon in Chinese culture. Those born in the year of this auspicious creature are seen as lucky, kind and sensitive. Rabbits are considered social beings whose attention to detail make them great scholars. This animal also makes for an elegant and eye-catching artistic subject and there are a range of exceptional and exclusive coins available to commemorate it…

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