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Smooth Rider delights crowds at ANDA

This golden oldie made its first big public outing since the 1930s - and fans were keen to get on the bandwagon.

If its latest public appearance is anything to go by, the famous gold nugget nicknamed ‘Smooth Rider’ has still got what it takes to turn heads! The whopping 78.39 ounce gold nugget was front and centre at the Australian Numismatic Dealers Association’s annual Melbourne Coin show – and attendees could not whip their iPhones out fast enough.

In 1939 around the Ballarat region, this stunning 2.22kg gold nugget was an accidental find by a lucky Irishman called Big Nolan.

As the story goes, Nolan - who was not completely sober - had gone off the road in his vehicle, and in trying to recover it, literally stumbled across this beautiful piece of Australian Goldfields history.

ANDA show-goers were quick to get into the spirit, flashing their own gold nuggets on chains, and sharing stories of their own finds or brushes with other famous nuggets.

Make no mistake, Smooth Rider is a significant nugget, and it hails from the famous Victorian goldfields. It’s no secret that natural Ballarat nuggets are prized for their purity - and a premium is paid for provenance.

Eventually sold by the Nolan family to an overseas collector, this 2.22kg beauty has recently made a triumphant return to Australian soil. Aside from recently mingling with a few close Downies friends, this is its first Australian public appearance since its discovery in the 30’s.

For Downies Coins, acquisition of this critical piece of Australian Gold Rush history was a no-brainer.
Needless to say, anybody interested in a little history – made of solid gold – would do well to pay Smooth Rider a visit.