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Australian Coins

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Begin your journey ‘Down Under’ with Australian coins…
Downies is the premier destination for Australia's numismatic marvels. For over 90 years, we've dedicated ourselves to bringing the finest Australian coinage to collectors worldwide. Dive into our diverse selection, and discover the heart of Australia's numismatic heritage, featuring everything from historic pre-decimal treasures and gold-rush sovereigns to the latest coins from Australia's leading mints.

Australian Pre-Decimal Coins and Australian Gold Sovereigns
Our selection includes a vast array of Australian Proclamation, Pre-Decimal coinage and exquisite gold sovereigns, carefully curated for their quality and rarity. Journey back to a time before Federation in 1901, when a diverse mix of international coins circulated as legal tender across Australia's colonies. Delve into the history of coins like the Spanish ‘Piece of Eight,’ the Portuguese-Brazilian Johannas, and the Indian Silver Rupees, leading up to the introduction of Australia's own national currency in 1910. Embrace the evolution of Australian currency, from the adoption of decimal currency in 1966 to the present day, through our comprehensive range.

Celebrate with Australian Commemorative Coins from the RAM
Explore our extensive collection of Australian commemorative decimal coins (including highly popular commemorative $2 coloured coins) from the Royal Australian Mint. These coins, celebrating key aspects of Australian life and culture, are a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike and are quickly hoarded out of circulation… even more difficult to find are one of these coins in Brilliant Uncirculated quality! Shop Australian decimal coins here and find the coin you’ve been searching for to start, or complete, your collection!

Exclusive Commemorative Coin Subscriptions…
With many commemorative coins quickly disappearing from circulation, our subscription service offers a seamless way to secure these treasures. Ensure your collection remains complete and pristine with subscriptions dedicated to the 20c, 50c, $1, and $2 series, featuring some of the most coveted pieces in Australian numismatics. Shop Australian coin subscriptions now!

Custom Australian-Themed Coins in Precious Metals
Elevate your collection with Downies Custom Coins, showcasing the best of Australiana in 99.9% pure silver and 99.99% pure gold. From the enchanting Australia At Night series to the vivid Colour of Australia, discover unique and sell-out collections that capture the essence of Australia. Shop here.

Why Choose Downies for Australian Coins?
*Decades of Expertise: Over 90 years of dedication to numismatics.
*Curated Collections: From historic pieces to modern Australian coins, quality is our guarantee.
*Exclusive Subscriptions: Never miss out on the latest Australian commemorative coins from leading mints.
*Custom Treasures: Unique Australian-themed coins in premium precious metals.

Dive into the captivating world of Australian coins with Downies today and experience the rich heritage and beauty of Australia's numismatic history. Explore our collection and find your next treasure!

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