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Gold Coins

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Discover the world’s favourite precious metal in coins

Dive into the enchanting realm of gold coins, a treasure that transcends time with its radiant allure and universal appeal. Gold, the world's most cherished precious metal, has influenced the fate of civilizations and has symbolised wealth, history, power and artistry through the ages. The recorded use of gold in numismatics extends as far back as 700 BC, when the Kingdom of Lydia (now western Turkey) used the metal to mint its coinage. Explore our gold coin collection and begin your own love affair with this precious metal in numismatic form!

A Curated Collection of Gold Coins for Every Enthusiast

Experience the grandeur of history with our meticulously curated selection of gold coins. Discover the gold coins of the Australian gold rush, or the allure of ancient gold coins and gold Sovereigns. There is also the innovative world of contemporary gold legal tender masterpieces to explore - crafted by renowned international mints! Downies presents an unparalleled assortment. Each coin, whether pure gold or gold-plated, is a testament to our commitment to excellence, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity for your peace of mind. Shop our collection now!

Downies Custom Gold Coins: A Fusion of Artistry and Prestige

At Downies, we believe a gold coin is more than a collector's item—it's a symbol of achievement, passion, and timeless elegance. Delight in our exquisite selection of custom gold Proof coins, each struck from 99.99% pure gold, available in a wide range of exciting collections and themes – including Australiana and so much more. More than gold, the technical mastery and minting innovations of our spectacular custom gold coin designs will leave your breathless. Whether commemorating a special occasion, or enhancing your collection, our custom gold coins are designed to be treasured. Explore our exclusive range here.

Why Choose Downies?

  • Expertly Curated Selection: Handpicked to ensure the highest quality, authenticity and rarity.
  • Wide range for every pocket: We offer a wide variety of gold coins in different weights to suite all collectors - whether you are just starting your gold collection, or acquiring a treasured investment piece!
  • Guaranteed Certified Authenticity: Peace of mind with every purchase, thanks to our guaranteed Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Custom and Collectible: Unique themes and pure gold coins tailored to every collector's dream.
  • Finest metal quality: Our custom pure gold coins are crafted from 99.99% gold.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Downies, where history, artistry, and prestige converge. Our collection of gold coins is a gateway to the world's favourite precious metal, offering something for every enthusiast and collector. Start your collection today and experience the grandeur of gold!

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