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Royal Selangor

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Over a Century of Exceptional Pewter Craftsmanship

Elevate your collection with the unparalleled elegance of Royal Selangor's pewter sculptures and figurines, available at Downies Collectables. Perfectly complementing your themed coin collection, these exquisite works of art are designed to be showcased and cherished for generations.

With a history dating back to 1885, Royal Selangor stands as the preeminent pewter craftsman in the world, celebrated for its innovative approach to the highest quality pewter. Royal Selangor's pieces are a testament to the beauty of design, intricate detailing, and masterful craftsmanship. Through collaborations with esteemed artists, renowned brands, and prestigious institutions like the British Museum, Royal Selangor has produced an array of spectacular and often limited-edition creations.

Explore a Universe of Iconic Characters and Themes

Browse our collection of officially licensed Royal Selangor figurines, featuring beloved characters from the realms of Star Wars, Disney, DC and Marvel comics, as well as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Each figurine is crafted with the finest attention to detail, available in various sizes to suit every collector's preference—including the adorable 5cm mini figs perfect for superhero enthusiasts.

Exclusive Figurines and Gifts

Royal Selangor's limited-edition pieces make extraordinary gifts, each beautifully presented with a Certificate of Authenticity to delight any recipient. From the whimsical charm of Star Wars' Grogu, to the mystical allure of Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire, our selection of pewter treasures is unmatched. Begin your journey through the enchanting world of Royal Selangor at Downies Collectables. Shop now to find the perfect addition to your collection or a memorable gift for someone special.

Embrace the artistry and heritage of Royal Selangor's pewter figurines - explore today!

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