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Enamel Penny Sets

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Pretty Pennies – fascinating collections!

Step into a world where history meets artistry with our stunning enamel penny sets. These vibrant masterpieces bring to life iconic Australian themes, from the thrilling escapades of Ned Kelly to the legendary prowess of Holden’s automobiles and the timeless allure of royalty, including Princess Diana's unforgettable moments. Each penny is a genuine piece of Australian history, transformed through advanced enameling techniques into a vivid, full-color celebration.

Authentic and Artistic

  • Our collections feature genuine Australian pennies and halfpennies, meticulously enhanced to showcase incredibly detailed designs in radiant color.
  • Latest Minting Techniques: Employing state-of-the-art enamel minting processes, we ensure each coin captivates with its color-rich reverse design, telling captivating stories with every detail.

Luxurious Finishes

To add a touch of sophistication, many of our enamel penny sets are adorned with finishes in pure gold or silver, elevating these coins to new heights of numismatic beauty.

Exclusive and Limited

  • With each set accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, you can be assured of owning a truly exclusive piece of collectible art.
  • Officially-Licensed Holden Products: For Holden enthusiasts, our officially licensed products celebrate the brand's iconic cars with authenticity and passion.

Premium Packaging

Each enamel penny set arrives ready for gifting, encased in impressive premium packaging and, often, paired with an informative booklet that enriches the collecting experience.

Your Collection Awaits…

Begin your journey or find the perfect gift with our enamel penny collections. Whether you're captivated by historical figures, automotive legends, or royal icons, these sets promise to be the highlight of your collection. Dive into the vivid colors and stories of Australia's past, beautifully preserved and presented in these eye-catching numismatic treasures. Explore now and secure your piece of limited-edition history.

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