Made in Australia for Australians, the Holden brand provided road cars to millions of Aussie families and raced supercars for over half a century - producing an enviable line up of legendary vehicles and drivers throughout its history! Holden’s AUTO ICONS represented the aspirations of millions of Australians, indelibly linked to our culture & sense of national pride.

The last Holden supercar took its final lap at the 2022 VALO Adelaide 500, however at Downies Collectables we continue to celebrate this Australian legend with OFICIALLY-LICENSED Holden coin collections, collectables, games and books that show off the brand’s most important cars in full glory!

Commemorate Holden’s ‘Final Roar’ in supercars racing and relive the V8 era with our coin collections immortalising Holden’s Toranas, Commodores and Monaros on genuine Australian pennies – finished in 24-CARAT GOLD and PURE SILVER with full colour enamel enhancements.

If your passion is vintage vehicles, you can chart the evolution of the Holden brand with the cars that defined generations in 3 volumes of our Holden Heritage Collection.

All of our Holden Collections are underpinned by a Certificate of Authenticity and are beautifully packaged so they make excellent gifts! You’ll even find Holden-themed games for family night! The perfect conversation starter, gift or way to reminisce about the good old days. View the great range of Holden and motorsport memorabilia today…