Coins by Materials

Downies Collectables believes there is a spectacular coin to suite every budget, so we offer a myriad of official legal tender coins, superbly struck from a WIDE RANGE OF METALS & FINISHES. From bronze, cupro-nickel and copper alloy finished in precious gold or silver, to PURE 24-CARAT GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER and much, much more. You will be spoilt for choice! All our precious metal coins are accompanied by a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching and affordable base metal coin as a gift, or a numismatic masterpiece crafted from the purest gold to mark a special occasion, we have you covered! No matter what you choose, rest assured that we carefully select all our coins so that we offer only the most remarkable designs, precisely struck to brilliant Uncirculated or Proof quality.

You’ll be thrilled by some of the finishes our carefully curated coins have to offer – boasting the very best in minting techniques and technology. Discover astonishing ANTIQUED and Black Proof legal tender coins, coins plated in ENAMEL, finished with DAZZLING COLOURS and fascinating effects (we even have a glow-in-the-dark coin)! For those looking for the truly spectacular, why stop at 99.99% PURE GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM when your coins can also feature PRECIOUS STONES? Browse our collection and discover legal tender coins boasting crystals, pearls and even genuine diamonds.

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